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10 Signs You Might Be Pregnant And You Are Not Aware Of It

It is indeed nothing less than a miracle to realize that one can grow another life within oneself. However, not everyone is that lucky and only half of the human race is provided with the necessary organs to be able to do it.

Even among that section of mankind (the type whom we call women), there is a vast population who are not able to bring another life to the planet. While the reason for the same may vary from societal restrictions to that of personal choices, the fact remains that those women who are able to conceive and get pregnant are indeed very fortunate.


Now, the interesting twist to the story here is the fact that many women who are pregnant do not even realize that they are carrying a little one until they are weeks into the pregnancy. This is because the typical signs and symptoms that we associate with a woman who is carrying do not appear until the pregnancy has progressed for months.

Thus, if you are somebody who is at the risk of being pregnant, read this article to know about the ten signs that you have been ignoring, which are a clear indication of a pregnant self.


1. You Feel Out Of Breath

If you suddenly notice that you are out of breath while performing tasks that you have always been doing, it might be because you are pregnant. Pregnancy causes the little one that is growing inside you to demand oxygen and that takes a toll on you, leaving you a little short of breath when you run errands, travel in the bus or climb the stairs.


2. Your Breasts Are Way Heavier

Your bras may suddenly seem to be a little tighter and the veins may become more pronounced. In fact, there might be times when you feel the urge to get rid of the bra all day long. This may be because you are pregnant. If the sore breasts continue to irritate you, you can consider giving your conventional bra a miss and go for a supportive sports bra instead. You might also notice your nipples getting bigger or changing shades all of a sudden.


3. You Are Attracted To Or Repelled By A Certain Type Of Food

It might so happen that you suddenly start craving for something that you never liked before. On the other hand, you might just despise something that you've always loved. If such a thing is happening with respect to a lot of food items, it might be because you are pregnant. Please note that this might not be restricted to tasting and eating food. Many a times, it is seen that women are attracted to or repelled by the smell of a particular type of food during their pregnancy.


4. You Are Always Tired

If you find yourself to be lacking the stamina to do anything productive, it might be because you are pregnant. This is particularly true if you do not have the energy to perform tasks that you would enjoy doing in the past. Thus, if you feel that you are too tired to pursue your hobbies even when you do have the time, it might be time for you to take that home pregnancy test.


5. Nausea Hits You

If you find yourself suffering from nausea without having any apparent stomach infections, it might be because you are pregnant. Contrary to popular believes, morning sickness is not the nausea that is associated with early mornings during the pregnancy. This can occur at any time of the day and the frequency of the same may vary from woman to woman.


6. You Have Missed Your Period

Among the millennial adults, an irregular menstrual cycle is a very common occurrence. Hence, when there is a delayed or missed period, we tend to take it as something that is absolutely normal. However, it is important to note that a missed period is one of the most important signs of pregnancy and if you haven't had your periods in the last month, you might well be pregnant for all we know.


7. You Are Urinating More Frequently Than What You Would Normally Do

During pregnancy, the body produces a number of extra fluids and to keep up with the same your bladder has to work overtime. Thus, if you find yourself rushing to the rest room more frequently than what you would normally go, it might be because you are pregnant. However, before you take this as a vital sign, make sure that it is not the consumption of extra water that is making you urinate more frequently.


8. You Have Horrible Cramps

Cramps are something most women of the reproductive age are familiar with, as they deal with it on a monthly basis. This makes it all the way more common for women to ignore this symptom. However, if the cramping continues for a prolonged duration of time, it might be because your reproductive organs are preparing themselves to have a baby.


9. You Are More Moody Than Ever Before

If you find yourself snapping at your colleagues or husband at the slightest provoke, it might be because you are pregnant. There may be times when you might react even in the absence of a trigger. There is nothing to worry about here. Just make sure that you do not stress yourself out with the guilt of being the unreasonable one. Remember, it is your hormones that are making you do this and that you are not at fault.


10. You Feel Like Fainting

As typical as it sounds, one of the first symptoms of pregnancy is the dizziness that you feel. This is because your blood sugar and blood pressure levels fall during this period and this causes you to feel faint. To be able to tackle this, make sure that you keep yourself hydrated and that you eat well. Even if you do not feel like eating, try to force yourself to it.

Story first published: Monday, March 26, 2018, 13:20 [IST]
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