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Eight Things That The Babies Feel In The Womb

By Subodini Menon

Pregnancy is a wonderful time for the mother to be. The experience of the pregnancy brings in a lot of new and unprecedented feelings for the pregnant woman.

Some of these feel good to the mother and others cause a lot of discomfort to her. Morning sickness, cramps and pain are surely not welcome during pregnancy, whereas the feeling of the first kicks of the unborn baby in the womb is one of the most amazing things that a woman experiences in her lifetime.

It is the same for the baby. The baby might not remember the time he spends in the womb, but the things he feels and learns inside his mother stays with him for all his life. It is not just the physical aspect of the baby that grows during gestation; the baby also develops mentally in the womb.

There are a lot of amazing things that the baby feels and learns when in the womb. Today's technology and science gives us ways to look into the womb and learn more about the unknown.

We know more about a baby's behaviour within the womb today than ever before. This knowledge can be put to use to help give our children a great start even before they are born.

Today, we shall talk about the surprising things that the baby perceives and experiences within the womb. If you are a mother or a mother to be, this article will truly astound you. Read on to know more.


The Baby Can Sense Stress In The Womb

It is said that the baby can sense stress and when the mother is in stress. The 3-D imaging of babies within the womb shows us that when the baby is under stress, the baby pulls back its arms to cover its face. This is thought to be a protective mechanism.

The hormones and the changes in the blood pressure in the mother can be the reason why the baby can feel stress. Pregnant mothers are advised to keep stress at bay to avoid the babies stressing themselves.


Babies Can Perceive Taste In The Womb

When the baby is 20 weeks old, its sense of taste is quite developed. The baby is now able to taste the flavours of your food through the amniotic fluid. The baby also reacts to different flavours. The baby may become more active when he tastes something he likes. Pregnant mothers must make sure to eat healthy during pregnancy for the very same reason. The likes and dislikes that the baby develops in the womb may be carried by the baby late into the life.


The Baby Can Feel And Express Emotions When In The Womb

As the baby becomes 36 weeks old in the womb, the baby's facial muscles are strong enough to show expressions. It is seen that the baby feels emotions and responds to it by expressing it. The baby smiles, frowns and turns its lips to express sadness.


The Baby Can Cry In The Womb

Babies cry. But did you know that they do it long before they are even born? During 3D ultrasound scanning, many babies are seen crying. Their facial expressions clearly show that the babies cry in the utero. The sound of the crying can be heard in the third trimester if an ultrasound microphone is used.


Babies Can Feel You

The babies can feel the way their pregnant mother feels. If she is happy, the baby responds by moving in a happy and relaxed manner. If she shows any sign of sadness, the baby reacts to it accordingly.


Babies Can Listen To Music And Can Have Favorite Songs

If the pregnant mother repeatedly sings or plays a song, the baby will start to take a liking to the song. The song can stay in the baby's memory and he might show that he is familiar to it when he hears the song after he is born. He may show preference to that song over other songs.


Babies Start Developing Hand-to-eye Coordination While In The Womb

The baby may develop a lot of his physical abilities once outside the womb but the development starts while he is still in the womb. The hand-eye coordination is a good example for this. It is seen that the baby sucks on his thumb or the other fingers while in the womb. This action is the precursor of the act of the baby feeding himself in the future.

Story first published: Wednesday, December 27, 2017, 12:00 [IST]
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