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Should Expectant Mothers Use Air Purifiers?

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Pregnancy is a time of happiness and bliss. It is a time of indulgence in foods that you love as well. Most importantly, it is a time to take care of both your health and your unborn baby's well-being.

Sustaining a growing being for a whole 9 months and giving birth to a new life is a divine task that also comes with a few obstacles.

While these obstacles might seem tiny to those who are not walking in your shoes, only you know the seriousness of the matter.

More often than not, once mothers start realising the gravity of the matter, they start worrying on a daily basis. They not only worry about visible foes, but also of the invisible ones.

how safe is using air purifiers

Microbes, pollution and stress are three of the most powerful invisible foes that expectant mothers start fuming and fretting over. These fears become very real by the start of the second trimester.

Is there any way to tackle these 3 obstacles, is an important question that will be answered in the paragraphs below! Continue reading to know how to close the doors on the face of stress, pathogens and pollution.

Stress is caused by worrying about various things, usually those that one finds out of their control. Pollution and microbes are two of the biggest fears of pregnant women. Various researches have linked pollution to even premature birth and birth defects.

Overcoming these obstacles through preventive measures is an excellent way to avoid stress. Using mild and safe herbal remedies to reduce fears, which cannot be dealt with otherwise, is a good way to stay relaxed.

how safe is using air purifiers

Keep in mind that aroma therapy, essential oils and incense sticks are not safe to be used during pregnancy.

Microbes exist everywhere, even on our skin. Microbes are most harmful when they exist in large numbers. There is no proven way to eradicate microbes present outside one's living space.

However, there are a few proven ways to get rid of the microbes in your immediate vicinity. Microbes can be kept at bay by using a few techniques such as keeping your home clean, using a natural ingredient-based pesticide to clean your floors, toilets and windows.

how safe is using air purifiers

Pollution exists not only in the form of air and water pollution, but also as land and noise pollution. Closing your windows is an excellent way to get rid of the noise when you are inside your home.

Staying away from noisy areas while eating and shopping is another way to eliminate this irritant. Air pollution can be dealt with through air purifiers. Water pollution can be dealt with by using water purifiers.

Air Purifiers And How They Are Helpful

Mothers can indeed use air purifiers to keep their homes clear of pollution and microbes. Air purifiers can also eliminate stress that arises due to the fear of pollution.

While selecting an air purifier, you should select a machine that has a HEPA rating. The High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) ensures that up to 99.97% of the contaminants are removed from the living space.

how safe is using air purifiers

Do not confuse a HEPA rating with a CADA rating. A higher Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADA) ensures that larger rooms are kept clean of microbes and pollution.

Using Alum and other techniques to remove pollutants in water is still a questionable technique, as it gets mud out of the water but not microbes.

Boiling water is an ancient technique for removing microbes from the water. However, recent studies indicate that boiled water might not be completely safe. Water purifiers with in-built Reverse Osmosis Units (ROU) are considered to be safe for pregnant women.

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