Old And Surprising Ways To Determine Baby's Gender

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Determining the sex of a child is not legal due to many possible reasons in many countries. However, mothers have the excitement to know whether they are carrying a bay boy or a baby girl. Every pregnant woman wants to know the gender of her child out of curiosity.

There are many old-wives tales to determine the sex of a child, and surprisingly they come out to be true. It will be a fun activity to do at home by these simple little methods to find out your baby's gender, if you are an expecting mother. Since you can't medically check the sex of your baby, as this is not legal in many countries, you have to rely on these old methods of knowing whether your baby is a boy or a girl.

Try these funny and old methods, if you are curious enough to know the gender of your baby. This can be a fun activity for you to do and will surely make you laugh. They can turn out to be true in some cases. Read on the article to know the gender of your new guest, whether boy or girl, so that you can start with little preparations for welcoming the little one.

Have a look at the old methods of determining the sex of your baby.


European Method

According to medieval European ways of the 15th century, you could determine a child's sex by just walking. If you walk with your right foot first then it was believed that you are having a baby boy and if you walk with the left one then it was believed to be a baby girl.


Salt Test

According to this test, sprinkle some salt on a pregnant woman's head. Pay attention and listen carefully to what she says first when she wakes up. If she utters a male name then it is a boy otherwise it's a girl.


The Shettles Conception Method

According to this method, if you want to have a baby boy then you should try to conceive as close as possible to your ovulation period. If you want a baby girl then you must try to conceive two to four days before you start ovulating.


Danish Method

According to a Danish belief, if the father gains weight during a wife's pregnancy then it is a baby girl. Surprisingly this myth was proven to be true in the earlier days.


Mother's Craving

It was believed in olden days that if a mother was craving sweets such as chocolates, candy, cakes, etc, she was said to be expecting a baby girl. If the mother craves for salty foods or sour foods then it was said to be a baby boy. This is one of the old and surprising methods to determine a baby's gender.


Bump Shape Method

According to the old-wives' tale, if a mother is carrying a lower bump then she's expecting a boy and if it's a higher bump then she is having a girl child. This is another old method to determine whether it is a baby girl or boy.


Golden Ring Method

According to this method, keep a golden ring on a pregnant woman's belly. If the ring swings from side to side then she is having a boy and if the ring swings in a circle then she is having a girl.


Morning Sickness Method

This method says that if you are having morning sickness during the beginning of your pregnancy then you are having a girl baby. If you get the sickness after the first trimester then you are having a boy baby.


Intuition Method

According to this method, 71 percent of pregnant women can guess correctly about their baby's gender, without any prior knowledge about their baby's sex.

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Story first published: Friday, January 1, 2016, 17:24 [IST]
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