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9 Proved And Easy Scientific Tips To Get Pregnant With A Baby Boy


Do you know that it depends on the father when it comes to your baby's gender. Mother has both XX chromosomes and a father has XY.

When the X chromosome from mother and Y chromosome from the father combine, it results in a baby boy. When X chromosome from the mother combines with the X chromosome from the sperm of the father it results in a baby girl.

Therefore, mothers have the potential for both, as it depends on which chromosome of the male sperm combines with the female X chromosome of the egg.

A research has shown that you can do something to get the desired sex of your baby. There are some best scientific tips to get pregnant with a baby boy.

Y sperms on combination with the female egg result in the formation of a baby boy. These Y sperms are short lived but fast. On the contrary, X sperms when on combination with female egg result in the formation of a baby girl. These sperms survive for a longer duration in the uterus but are slow to reach the uterus.

Here is how you can give birth to a baby boy or can make a male's Y chromosome meet your egg to get pregnant with a baby boy.


Timed Intercourse

In order to give birth to a baby boy or a baby girl, you have to time your intercourse. You need to know when you are ovulating. If you want a baby boy, try to have an intercourse on the same day that you ovulate, or as close as possible to the start of the ovulation process.


Sperm X And Y

It has been seen that Y sperms, which are responsible for a baby boy, are smaller faster and more fragile than X sperms that result in the formation of a baby girl. X sperms are fragile slower in movement and are larger, but can survive for a longer period of time in the uterus.


Refrain From Sex

You have to avoid intercourse 4-5 days before ovulation, so that your partner's sperm count can build up during those days.


Why To Refrain From Sex?

If you will have sex some days before your ovulation date; even if Y sperm gets released, it won't be able to survive till you ovulate. It is only the X chromosomes that can form a baby girl, which will survive for long in the uterus.


When Both X And Y Sperms Are Released

If both X and Y chromosomes are released at the time of ovulation then only Y chromosome, that is a chromosome for a baby boy, will succeed to meet the egg and form a baby boy. This is because sperms having Y chromosomes are faster than the X sperms.


Cervical Mucous Also Favours

If you want to give birth to a baby boy, try to have sex close to the ovulation date, as there is another factor that can support it. The cervical mucous, before ovulation, offers a suitable environment for the Y sperm to survive. It is alkaline in nature and best for Y sperm, as the Y sperms can get killed in the acidic conditions of the vagina.


Having Orgasm

A research has shown that if the female partner has an orgasm at the same time or just before the intercourse then you will have a baby boy. This is because the Y sperm will move up by the contractions and shrinking of the vagina and cervix, hence reaching the uterus faster.


Position Of Sex

There are many positions that claim to give a XY combination, that is a male child, and one such position is the position that allows deep penetration. Deep penetration will reduce the travel time of the sperm and thus the sperm will be directly introduced at the opening of the uterus, which has an alkaline environment and where the chances of the Y sperm to fertilise with the egg are far more.


For A Baby Girl

If you want a baby girl, try to make love some days before ovulation, so that there is a possibility that only X sperms released will fertilise with the egg, as they can survive in the uterus till the lady ovulates.

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Story first published: Monday, February 1, 2016, 17:03 [IST]