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Benefits Of Walking During Pregnancy

By: Ajanta Sen
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The moment a woman conceives, she enters the period of pregnancy, which comes as a blessing to her, as it is the foremost step towards motherhood.

Pregnancy is the most beautiful phase in a woman’s life and this is also an occasion when you have to be very cautious and healthy both mentally and physically.

In order to keep yourself healthy physically, you will be often advised by your doctor to make some dietary changes.

On the other hand, to keep yourself physically fit, your doctor will suggest you some easy exercises and among those exercises walking is the most lenient one.

A simple stroll in your nearby park can improve your sleep and reduce your stress levels, which will definitely result in a trouble-free labour and a faster recovery.

Walking is an easy form of exercise. It is a fun form of an exercise and it does not need any specific planning or equipment. A nice pair of shoes is what you'll need for yourself and you are ready to go!

In order to know more about how walking benefits during pregnancy, you must go through this article to acquaint yourself with the various benefits of walking during pregnancy. Have a look.


Relieves Your Stress

During pregnancy, all women go through the mood swings. At times, you might feel elated while at other times you may feel very depressed. Walking is also a form of exercise that helps to release the endorphins in your body. Endorphins are chemicals that'll make you feel good. Thus, walking is an awesome stress-buster that lifts up your mood. So, make sure to walk whenever you are feeling low.


Eases Your Constipation

One of the various benefits of walking during pregnancy is that it relieves your constipation. If you keep your body active even during your pregnancy it will promote active bowels. A 15-20 minutes of brisk walk daily can help you get a clear bowel.


Combats Fatigue

During pregnancy, a majority of women feel tired and weak in their 1st trimester and then again in their 3rd trimester. Taking a sensible amount of rest during pregnancy is pretty fine; however, too much of rest can make the things just opposite to what you might have thought. An excess of rest can actually make you feel more exhausted. Taking a leisure walk can help you fight fatigue and restore your energy levels.


Reduces Your Blood Pressure

Normally, your blood pressure rises during pregnancy; however, a very high blood pressure level results in pre-eclampsia. Walking daily can help keep your blood pressure levels in check. This is one of the best benefits of walking during pregnancy.


Enhances The Probability Of Normal Pregnancy

Walking improves your flexibility and also firms up the hip muscles that can make your labour easier, faster and devoid of pain. This is one of the best among the numerous benefits of walking during pregnancy.


Better Sleep

A brisk or even a leisure walk for 30 minutes a day can help you to get a sound sleep during your pregnancy. This is how walking benefits during pregnancy.


Maintains Your Body Weight

Walking helps in keeping your body weight under control and this automatically helps to control your baby's weight as well. An excess body weight of your baby can result in complications for a normal delivery. Thus, walking aids your baby to attain a healthy weight at the time of delivery.

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Story first published: Wednesday, March 16, 2016, 2:02 [IST]
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