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Third Trimester Of Pregnancy: What Not To Do


The entire world becomes a better place to live when a woman discovers that she is pregnant. Then comes the nine long months of waiting for their precious bundle of joy. Throughout these months the mother takes great care in what she eats and what she does in order to ensure a healthy happy baby.

Of course, this is also a time of great anxiety and worry especially if it is her first pregnancy. By the end of the second trimester most women put all this behind them and will be quite ready to hold the baby in their arms. So, naturally the last trimester seems to drag. The glow of the pregnancy seems to fade and your body feels bulky and huge. Your belly keeps on expanding as this is the time when intensive foetal growth occurs. And all expectant mothers would want to know what not to do in the third trimester of pregnancy.

The last trimester is said to be the most tiresome time of pregnancy. Some women face a revisit of morning sickness. The foetus moves lower in the belly causing many of her internal organs to rearrange to accommodate the foetus. Here, we discuss things to avoid in the 3rd trimester.

Saunas and steam baths: There are many women who enjoy a good sauna or steam bath and they definitely have their perks. But, these are things to avoid in the third trimester of pregnancy as it causes the internal body temperature to change.

Love making: If you are having a normal pregnancy and there is no risk of preterm labour, you can enjoy intimate sessions with your husband till you go into labour. But, if it is risky or if you feel exhausted, this falls under what not to do in the third trimester of pregnancy.

Heavy lifting: Lifting heavy objects that can cause a strain in your lower back is among what not to do in the third trimester. Second time mothers with toddlers should especially take care not to carry their children and to delegate that task to others.

Contact sports: Contact sports like football, basketball and soccer are among what not to do in the third trimester of pregnancy. It is highly probable that playing these sports might cause injury to the abdomen and the growing foetus.

Heavy meals: Heavy meals are things to avoid during the third trimester since during this time the baby is very low in your belly and digestion will be difficult. It is recommende that you take small meals at regular intervals.

High heels: Women look sexy and appealing in high heels. But this is something to avoid during the third trimester as these can cause back pain. In these months, comfortable flat-heeled shoes are to be preferred.

Adventure sports: Water skiing, scuba diving, surfing and other adventure sports are also among what not to do in the third trimester of pregnancy. Such sports can cause great negative impact on your pregnancy.

High altitudes: Flying and other activities, which will take you to higher altitudes, are among what not to do in the third trimester. In high altitudes, oxygen is scarce and breathing becomes difficult. It can cause the foetus to asphyxiate.

Heavy exercising: Pregnant women are advised to follow a regular exercise schedule throughout their pregnancy. But, heavy exercising may lead to exhaustion and this is among what not to do in the third trimester.

Heavy household chores: During the last trimester, it is natural to feel tired all the time. Doing all household chores yourself is among things to avoid during the third trimester. You should not hesitate to ask for help from others.

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Story first published: Monday, February 3, 2014, 23:51 [IST]
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