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Relationship Problems That Arise During Pregnancy

By Asha Das

It is a well-known fact that expectant mothers begin to bond with their baby long before the fathers do. Most women start to enjoy her new role as a mother at an early stage of pregnancy itself.

But it is not so in the case of man, as he gets the special feeling of fatherhood only after the child is born. And for that reason most men fail to understand the emotional changes undergone by their partner. This can lead to many relationship problems during pregnancy.

About 20 percent of expectant mothers go through emotional turmoil and relationship issues while pregnant. A better understanding of the relationship problems during pregnancy beforehand can solve majority of the problems.

That means you can enjoy your pregnancy to its fullest if you learn to tackle your problems effectively.

As your baby grows inside your womb, your body undergoes constant changes to create the perfect living environment for the baby. This is reflected in the form of physical and emotional symptoms.

The relationship problems during pregnancy have to be tackled with great care and emotional support before it starts to show its ugly face. Here are some common relationship problems that arise during pregnancy.


Lack of Support and Understanding

Depression and anxiety during pregnancy is one of the main reasons for unhappy relations between the spouses. Understand and get closer to your wife especially if she feels depressed.


Lack of Communication

Relationship problems during pregnancy arise mainly when couples do not share their feelings and fail to communicate with one another. Most often husbands avoid talking to the spouse to avoid the possibility of an argument in her depressed mood. In turn the wife feels neglected by her partner.


Emotional disturbances

It can be very challenging for the husband to deal with the emotional and physical demands of a pregnant wife. But considering her mixed emotions, husbands should develop a wider understanding and respect for their partner. Mood swings are normal and more common during the first trimester, which occur due to the rise in hormonal level during pregnancy.


Women's Physical Changes

The physical and emotional changes that occur during pregnancy from weight gain, depression, and feeling of tiredness can affect the sexual relationship between the spouses. Many women also begin to feel unattractive and insecure during this phase.



Relationship issues while pregnant is becoming very common these days. And it is imperative to deal with them at the earliest, lest you end up with a broken marriage. So even a very small misunderstanding between the partners should be discussed and solved as amicably as possible.


Depressed partner

Firstly, you should understand the difference between mood swings and depression. Depression is a bigger problem and sometimes can even be suicidal. Around 10 percent of pregnant women develop serious depression, which can be solved by counselling.


How to Support Your Partner?

Relationship issues while pregnant can be solved easily depending on how well you support and communicate with each other. Both spouses should take the pregnancy as a reason to strengthen their bond with each other and not as a reason for separation. In fact pregnancy should be a reason to bring joy to your marriage.

Story first published: Tuesday, January 7, 2014, 20:31 [IST]