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Pregnancy: Exercises For Second Trimester


By the time a woman reaches her second trimester of pregnancy, she will become more or less used to the changes happening to her, physically, mentally and emotionally.

The second trimester is a time of growth for the baby. The woman's belly expands, showing the outside world a glimpse of the life growing inside her.

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With the start of the second trimester the morning sickness may have completely subsided. The woman's body starts producing the hormone relaxin, which helps to loosen the joints and thus prepare her body for labour and childbirth.

This is a time when it is easier for a pregnant woman to suffer a sprain or strain. During this time the centre of gravity of the woman also changes making her more prone to losing her balance.

The second trimester is also a time for the pregnant woman to build her strength to keep up her energy levels. It might also help her sleep better at night. It is essential that she does some simple workouts during this time.

It is recommended that exercise for second trimester of pregnancy be kept simple and refreshing. But remember to avoid heavy exercises that demands more physical effort. Here are some simple exercises that you can try.



This is a simple exercise for your second trimester. A short walk in the fresh air will be enough to lift your spirits, but be careful while you walk since your body is carrying extra weight in the front. Rest for sometime if you feel tired.


Relaxation techniques

Meditation and other relaxation techniques are good exercises during the second trimester of pregnancy. It calms both your body and mind. But above all, listen to your body and do not exert yourself.


Jogging or running

This exercise for second trimester is advisable only if you are a regular runner. But you must be aware of your expanding belly and the risk of you losing your balance. The mantra is not to overdo it any time.



This is a very good exercise for your second trimester of pregnancy as it helps in relaxing and strengthening the body. Care must be taken so as not to stretch the abdominal muscles too much. You must stop immediately if you feel uncomfortable.



Gentle swimming is a recommended exercise when you are in your second trimester of pregnancy. You must take care to swim at a slow pace and not to become out of breath. It would be better if you remained near the shallow end of the pool.


Stationary bicycling

This is an exercise that you can do at home or in the gym. The key is to not exert yourself as heavy exercise causes more blood to flow to the muscles and skin and less to the uterus and the baby.


Weight training

As your pregnancy progresses it is recommended to keep your weight in control. Here too, do not exert yourself or hold your breath in between workouts.



Simple household chores like sweeping or vacuuming can be good exercises for second trimester. But take care not to lift any heavy objects and remember to stop and rest in between.


Tai Chi

A type of exercise that is similar to that of yoga, Tai Chi is an excellent exercise for your body during the second trimester of pregnancy. You must ensure that your movements are slower than usual as the risk of you losing your balance or getting a sprain is high.


Aerobic exercise

Aerobic exercise is a recommended exercise for second trimester if your pregnancy is progressing normally. This will help improve your lung and heart function.

Most importantly, make sure to consult your doctor as he/she can help you chalk out an exercise regimen that'll benefit both you and your baby.

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