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Tips For Pregnant Women On Diwali


One of the most important and big Hindu festivals Diwali is around the corner. Every one is getting prepared for welcoming Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Ganesha at home. Diwali is the time to rejoice and have fun with family members. However, pregnant women needs to be very careful as the festival is not only loud, but risky too.

An eco-safe Diwali is the best tip for pregnant women. Moreover, pregnant women should prefer staying indoors during this festival. As Diwali is coming near, Boldsky has some of the useful tips for pregnant women to play it safe this festival.

Tips For Pregnant Women On Diwali:

Stay Comfortable: Instead of wearing silk or synthetic fabrics, stick to your comfy and light cotton clothes. They are safe and do not catch fire as well. Wearing something too heavy can lead to discomfort and can also be risky.

Avoid Crackers: You might love bursting crackers like you to every year. But, when you are pregnant, you should stay away from it as they are dangerous. Moreover, the smoke and pollution is high in carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide which can be very harmful for the expecting mother and the unborn baby. The smoke can even lead to respiratory problems for both the mother and child. Noise pollution on the other hand is risky as the eardrums are very sensitive during pregnancy.

Eating: Often women are preoccupied with work and do not get time to focus on their pregnancy diet. While doing your household chores, make sure you eat healthy foods at short intervals and do not compromise with your health. Eat right and avoid too much spicy and oily food. Diwali is about sweets, but pregnant women should eat minimum sweets. This is an important tip for pregnant women to follow during Diwali. Eating too much sweets can increase the chances of gestational diabetes.

Careful Steps: While performing house chores, pregnant women should be very careful. Do not climb on stools or wash anything that requires a soapy solution. Accidents occur a lot during household chores. Moreover, be careful while bending down or lighting diyas. Baby bump might hide your visibility while lighting lamps, candles and diyas. Burn injuries can be painful so, avoid doing risky tasks.

These are few tips for pregnant women to follow this Diwali. So, have a safe and eco-friendly Diwali this year.

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Story first published: Friday, October 25, 2013, 20:00 [IST]
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