Is Second Pregnancy Easier Than The First?

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When you are pregnant for the second time, you are usually much better prepared for your pregnancy. The second pregnancy is usually not as scary and novel as the first one. There are a lots of differences between the first and second pregnancy. And most women feel that their second pregnancy is easier as compared to the first one.

So let us check out some ways in which the second pregnancy is easier than the first one.

Know The Symptoms
When you are pregnant for the second time, you already know what pregnancy symptoms to expect. You don't have to run to the doctor for every other thing.

Second Pregnancy

Know All The Tricks
You usually know all the tricks to eat right and prevent backache during your second pregnancy. There is no research that needs to be done by reading books and surfing the Internet.

Morning Sickness
A large majority of women say that their morning sickness is much better during the second pregnancy as compared to the first.

Easier Labour
Most women feel that handling the labour pain is easier the second time around. The passage of the uterus is already loosened up, so typically you have a shorter and easier labour.

Boldsky reader and second time mom-to-be Vaishnavi S says, "There's a lot of difference; during my first pregnancy I was young and more active. Now, I am feeling a bit more tired and I have less time to rest as I have to take care of my child." So there are some women who have had difficult second pregnancies too.

So lets check out how the second pregnancy could be tougher for some moms.

Backache Worsens
Usually your backache worsens during the second pregnancy because you are older and your bones have started losing calcium.

Coping With The First
You have to be around to look after your first child and that is why the second pregnancy is a bit of strain. If there is less than 2 years of gap between your two pregnancies, you might also have to carry your first baby.

Some complications like high blood pressure and diabetes creep up due to advancing age. You may also not be as fit as you were. If you are already overweight, then pregnancy weight gain can cause a lot of troubles.

These are the reasons why the second pregnancy can be easier or harder on moms-to-be. Was your second pregnancy easier than the first or was it the other way round?

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Story first published: Tuesday, July 2, 2013, 23:01 [IST]
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