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Are Maternity Leaves Important?

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Maternity leaves are a big deal of worries among working women. There are many who do not want to take a leave from their job for too long. And in some cases they are denied the same due to some professional reasons. But it is very necessary to know why maternity leaves are important and what exactly is the right time to go for it.

Maternity Leave

Importance- Maternity leave is also called a parental leave. And, it is important in a numerous ways. Many women take it before their delivery and many prefer to go after the child is born. In the former case it is important for you to take a maternity leave to maintain the baby's and your health. And in the latter case a maternity leave is extremely important as the mother needs to be with the baby till the first few months for many reasons.


Complications- In some cases when a complication arises during pregnancy it is advisable that you take a maternity leave at that time. This is because it is good for you to rest in that period. Is not better to take the maternity leave to avoid any further hassles? Afterall work cannot be more important than the baby you are holding inside you.

First Three Months- Many a times the case so arises that you need to rest in the former months of your pregnancy as most of the miscarriages occur during this time. In such cases many women take half of the stipulated maternity leave during the former months and the rest after delivery. This is a wise decision to make as in cases as such you can take rest even after the delivery.

Before Delivery- Women who do not develop any complications during pregnancy prefer to work till the last month prior to their delivery date. They do this so that the leave are not wasted unnecessarily and they are able to utilise it according to their later need.

After Delivery- After delivery every woman needs to rest at least for a month or two, especially in the Caesarian cases. This is very vital for all the wounds to heal properly. You need to take a maternity leave at this time. Moreover there is no much need to worry as in most of the cases the maternity leaves are a paid leave.

Family- For women who live in joint families it is very easy to decide upon as to when to take maternity leave; if there are no complications. After one or two months of delivery they can easily go back to work as they have other family members to look after the kid.

Thus, we see that how taking a maternity or parental leave is one of the most important aspects of motherhood. This is also very important for the proper health of the baby.

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