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Second Month Pregnancy Diet

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Second Month Pregnancy Diet
The second month of pregnancy (5-8 weeks) is a time when the facial features such as eyes, ears, hands and legs begins to form. The second month of pregnancy sees the fetal organ formation. Pregnant women should follow a strict diet and must have nutritious food in the menu just to get enough nutrients and proteins. What should be the proper diet during the second month of pregnancy? Find out...

Food to eat during the second month of pregnancy:

It is best to have foods which are easy to digest and are not heavy. This controls the nausea feeling and also keeps your digestive system healthy. During pregnancy, many pregnant women face digestion problems such as acidity and constipation. Therefore have easy to digest foods such as green leafy vegetables, apple juice, bananas and yogurt.

Starch rich food such as potatoes, rice, wheat and oatmeal keeps you healthy and controls food cravings.

Fiber rich food are easy to digest and nutritious food too. Pregnant women should have fiber rich food such as beans, lentils, rice, bran cereal, corn and wheat bran are rich in fiber.

Calcium rich foods are important for pregnant women. During the second month of pregnancy, the fetus starts developing organs and the pregnant woman loses all her energy and proteins from the body.

Calcium keeps the bones strong and healthy. Have yogurt, milk and eggs. Avoid having soft cheese. Soft cheese are usually made of unpasteurized milk .

Meats are healthy and nutritious diet food for pregnant women. Avoid eating raw or uncooked food during pregnancy. Cook the meat well to kill the bacterias which can be unhealthy for the growing fetus.

Drink lots of water and fruit juice. This keeps you hydrated and prevents the pregnant women from constipation. Avoid fruits such as pineapple and papayas.

During the second month of pregnancy, the woman needs to have nutritious and healthy diet. Include these foods in your diet for a healthy gestation.

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Story first published: Friday, February 3, 2012, 17:07 [IST]
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