How To Say “I Am Pregnant”

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Say "I Am Pregnant"
Since the first time you get to know that you are expecting, you start devising ways of telling your partner . As soon as you get a positive result in your pregnancy test you want to tell the whole world that "I am pregnant". A straight forward way to announce your pregnancy does not create any confusion. But every woman desire to tell about her pregnancy to her partner in a special way.
Here are some very creative ways to announce your pregnancy to your better half.

Small Clothes- Tell your partner "I am pregnant"with a little twist this time. Let him guess it. You may buy some small clothes or shoes and wrap them nicely. Gift it to him as soon as he comes back from work. Make him open it in front of you and just see his expressions. Trust me he would have never been so happy ever before.

Food- Make a dish of baby corns and baby carrots. Serve it to your husband in a meal. You may also make tea or coffee and serve it in a small cup. Another option is to make a cake and write "For The New Daddy". This can be one of the most cutest and silent way of saying your partner "I am pregnant".

Toys And Balloons- The moment you come to know that you are pregnant take a day off and go out for shopping. Buy some toys and balloons, and decorate your bedroom with it. Ask your partner to guess about the changes done to the house decor. The smile that you will find on his face upon the discovery of his upcoming fatherhood will simply be priceless.

On A Shopping- Take the new daddy out on a shopping spree. Go to the kids section and ask him to choose some baby garments. Also ask him his colour preferences for the garments. See what he does. Whisper "I am pregnant" into your husband's ears. Watch how the colour of his face changes in delight.

Cradle And Posters- Get a cradle and some baby posters for your room. Stick the baby posters on the wall of your bedroom. Keep the cradle close to your bed and lock the room. Blindfold your partner and say that there is a surprise waiting for him in your room. Go into the room, open his blindfold and let him digest the special surprise. And as soon as he looks at you say, "I am pregnant".

Enjoy the moment when you say your partner, "I am pregnant". Make this moment special for a lifetime with our tips.

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