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Prenatal Education For Indian Women

Posted By: Sneha
Prenatal Care
Prenatal education is very important in Indian women. Women in India lack complete knowledge about prenatal care. They need to have complete information about pregnancy and the need of prenatal care. Indian women must get prenatal education, to ensure a safe and healthy delivery. Some important points about prenatal care in India are given below.

Women Prenatal Education Towards Regular Check ups- Check ups during pregnancy is like a preventive care towards potential health problems. Indian pregnant women must be educated towards the importance of such check ups. These check ups provide information about maternal psychological changes, prenatal nutrition, vitamins and about biological changes. So, this information about pregnancy, for Indian women is very essential. This will help in reducing complications during pregnancy.

Importance Of Sonography- Prenatal education for women in India is required. This is because lack of education can lead to serious problems like low birth weight of baby, miscarriage and even abortion. Pregnant Indian women must know the need of sonography. This is performed about 20 weeks of gestation, in all pregnant women. During this, the doctor detects if the placenta is healthy and whether the baby is growing properly inside the uterus.

Iron Deficiency In Pregnant Indian Women- Most pregnant women have iron deficiency. Iron is very essential during pregnancy, to make hemoglobin. During pregnancy, the blood in your body increases and you need more iron to make hemoglobin, for the additional blood. Most women in India are iron deficient, they tend to get anemic. So, education about nutrition, in pregnant women is very important. Prenatal care in India must include nutritious food for women. They must take proper nutrition during pregnancy to avoid complications later. Some iron rich foods are egg yolks, green vegetables, dried fruits, beans and iron rich cereals.

Cesarian Birth- Prenatal education about Cesarian delivery is a must among Indian women. Pregnant Indian women must know the need of a Cesarian and its adverse effects. Cesarian deliver has many risks like infection in the incision site, blood loss, which can cause anemia. The other risks involved in Cesarian deliveries are, injury to the organs and formation scar tissue inside the pelvic region. Pregnant women must try to have a normal delivery. This is possible by taking proper prenatal care. Normal delivery can take place if, the pregnant women of India, follow a proper diet and exercise.

Exercise During Pregnancy- Exercise during pregnancy is very important. Women of India must exercise for a healthy delivery. Benefits of exercises are various during pregnancy. They make you feel better, boost your energy level, relieves you from back problems, reduces constipation and help you relieve stress. A healthy exercise regime must be adopted in pregnant women.

These points show the need of prenatal care in India.

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Story first published: Wednesday, March 28, 2012, 17:38 [IST]
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