Pregnancy First Month: Week By Week

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Pregnancy Week By Week
The first month of pregnancy is usually confusing and a flurry of emotions. This is because you are not yet sure you are pregnant! If you have been trying for a baby then you would be hoping for a positive test and if you were not you may be blissfully unaware of being a mom. You may get know you are pregnant only after the first three weeks have passed.

In that case it helps to have a week by week pregnancy break down that will tell you exactly how you feel when you are four weeks pregnant and also by you feel so. Here is the break up of the first month of your pregnancy.

Pregnancy First Month: Week 1

  • In the week by week breakup of pregnancy, the first week is funniest. There is no way you can be sure you are pregnant. This would be the time when you have just passed your ovulation period and the egg has been fertilized.
  • You have about 20 percent chance of getting pregnant every month normally because you have 20 fertile eggs in your kitty.
  • Take folate pills from now because if you are pregnant your folic acid levels will drop.

Week 2:

  • You are still waiting in the wings. It is very rare for pregnancy symptoms to start this early in the prenatal period.
  • You haven't missed your period so can't know for sure but some extra sensitive tests may be able to give you a hint. These test cannot be done at home. You have to go to your doctor's clinic to get them done.
  • Actually it is always better to wait for the date of your period when you will be 4 weeks pregnant so that you can know for sure. Just make sure you eat right and avoid foods that you doctor lists out.
  • On the whole an uneventful week in the week by week pregnancy countdown.

Week 3:

  • Well you are expecting or may be not expecting your periods and you don't get it. If you do not get your period you can do a pregnancy test using a home kit.
  • There might some light bleeding that is called 'spotting' as the baby attaches itself to the walls of your uterus.

Week Four:

  • Now that you are four weeks pregnant the first month of your pregnancy is complete. It now time to start feeling some of the symptoms.
  • By now it has been confirmed that you are pregnant and you will also start feeling mild symptoms of it yourself. The slight light-headedness or the feeling of being wrong footed and nausea at certain smells.
  • If its a good news then you need to start taking all the precautions due for a mom to be. No rough travel or racing through the stairs. Remember the chances of miscarriage in the 1 first trimester are maximum.

This is exactly what you will be feeling at every week of your first month of pregnancy.

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Story first published: Thursday, February 2, 2012, 13:03 [IST]
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