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Party During Pregnancy: Dos And Dont's

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As the Christmas and New Year eve has started, you will be all set to enjoy the festive season. You can have ample of fun if you are not pregnant. However, if you are pregnant then you have to be really cautious. A little carelessness can land you in trouble. But, this doesn't mean you should not attend parties during gestation.

If you are planning to hit a party with a baby bump, keep these dos and don'ts in your mind. Follow them so that you and your baby are safe and fine.

Party During Pregnancy: Dos And Dont's

Going to party during pregnancy? Dos and Don'ts:


Do drink water: During pregnancy, the expecting mother needs to stay hydrated. Nausea and food cravings are really common. So, drink lots of water to stay hydrated and fuller.

Be seated: It is advised to walk during pregnancy. However, if you feel tired or restless, do sit for sometime and take rest. This will also help you to boost up your immune system.

Snack something: Food cravings is a common problem of pregnant women. Sometimes you feel really hungry especially if you are partying during pregnancy. So, to control your food cravings, munch on some light snacks at short intervals. To be healthy during pregnancy, prefer low calorie and healthy snacks.

Move a little: Do shake light on some moves to enjoy the high groove party music.

Snack: Keep few energy and mood booster foods like chocolate in your bag. If you feel nausea or lack energy, have a piece of chocolate. You will feel better and will be energised.


Do not wear tight fitting clothes: It is pride to flaunt your baby bump but you should wear something that is not only comfortable but also good for your skin. Tight fitting clothes can make you feel uncomfortable and trapped.

Do not wear high heels: I know party outfits are best teamed up with high heels. However, if you are going to a party during pregnancy, avoid wearing high heels. A little imbalance can cost you a lot. You can be comfy in trendy and fashionable flat slippers or tie ups.

No alcohol: If you are partying during pregnancy, do not drink alcohol. A glass of wine is preferable but to be on the safer side, avoid any type of alcohol. The drinks can wait till the baby arrives!

No smoking:  Smoking during pregnancy is a big no-no. In parties, many people smoke. So, for a healthy pregnancy, avoid both active and passive smoking. If you feel uncomfortable inside, go out and grab some fresh air.

Dance slow: Do not be hyper active while partying. Dancing a little to the moves is fine. But, do not jump or shake your booty so hard that is causes early labour or abdominal pain.

Pick up right snacks: Be careful while binging snacks and meal. Do not eat uncooked meat or fish. Bacterial infections in uncooked meat or cheese can be really dangerous during pregnancy.

If you are planning to party with a baby bump, do remember to follow these dos and don'ts.

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Story first published: Monday, December 24, 2012, 16:51 [IST]
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