How Do Men Experience Pregnancy?

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Men Experience Pregnancy
Have you ever wondered why a man experience pregnancy symptoms just like a woman do? Sometimes it becomes difficult to understand that who is actually pregnant, you or he? Forgetting gender differences is easy until you get pregnant. But, this difference will come out to be an Out-Of-This-World experience for you.

Men don't carry a the child for 9 months. If they could then perhaps they would experience pregnancy the same way as women do. Men get bewildered upon the discovery that their partner is pregnant. The 'would be dads' get nervous and cannot decide upon their future course of action. Men feel pregnant at this time and do all things necessary to bring home his child.

Lets see how men can experience pregnancy after they get to know that their partner is expecting.

Sympathetic Pregnancy- During the pregnancy period of their partners, men tend to develop symptoms like nausea, weight gain and mood swings. This is known as sympathetic pregnancy. Men experience a strong attachment towards the unborn child and also develop a kind of jealousy for his biological inability to carry it. Men sometimes gain the same weight as their pregnant partners as they too end up eating more in anxiety. Men are even encompassed by couvade during the delivery of the child. He gets into the bed in an enactment of the birth experience. Men feel pregnancy along with you and its very exciting for them.

Plan B- As soon as you say your man, “I feel pregnant”, you will find him to be thrilling; especially if it is accidental and you were not planning for a baby. He will start thinking of putting Plan B into action immediately. It means going for separate future plans and not the ones you had already decided on.

With the added responsibilities he may think of a job change, or plan for a bigger house, buy a car etc. The world around them changes as soon as they witness the first sonogram of the baby.

Read And Research- A man does much reading and research work on pregnancy. May be he hadn't studied so much for anything in his entire life as much he will do now. It seems that it is he who is experiencing pregnancy and not his partner. Men experience each and every symptom of pregnancy emotionally by being with you. They develop psychological food cravings like you do and can even feel the baby inside you.

Patient and Parent Like- Men feel pregnancy all the more as time progresses. They become patient with all your cravings. They understand it as they themselves experience the same. Sometimes even men start acting paternally towards you in preparation for the baby . It seems as if they are the one who is experiencing pregnancy and not you. They get food for you, help you sleep, get medicines etc. So, ladies enjoy being pampered!

Get Depressed And Jealous- Men sometimes get depressed thinking of the added responsibilities they have to carry on their shoulder after their child is born. A carefree life is about to come to an end and from being a pampered son, he is going to be a responsible father. A man even gets jealous of his beloved showering more love and attention over the baby who has not yet landed on Earth.

Men experience pregnancy and undergo many different changes in the most special phase of their lives. Fatherhood changes a man completely and he is all the more responsible and caring than ever before.

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Story first published: Friday, June 22, 2012, 16:41 [IST]
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