Infections During Pregnancy

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Pregnancy Infections
It's a very exciting and amazing feeling to nurture a life inside your womb. The immune system weakens during pregnancy to let the foetus grow inside the womb. This weakened immune system again paves way for many infections. These infections during pregnancy might sometimes prove fatal for both the mother and the baby.

But, if diagnosed at an early stage they can be cured. To avoid any such pregnancy risks, let us consider the symptoms and risks involved in an infection during pregnancy.

Chicken Pox- Symptoms like drowsiness, a severe skin rash on your body or breathing problems are indications of chicken pox. Well in most of the cases it does not prove fatal to the baby. In some cases the mother develops pneumonia. If developed in the first trimester of pregnancy it is completely curable.

Swine Flu- Swine flu infection can lead to pregnancy complications. It spreads via H1N1 virus, through the cough and sneeze of infected people. The symptoms of swine flu are like ordinary flu such as sudden fever, tiredness, cough, headache etc.

Hepatitis B- Hepatitis B is again a viral disease. It gets transmitted through body fluids like blood, saliva or semen. It is an inflammation of the liver. Flu symptoms such as loss of appetite or stomach cramps might be the indications of Hepatitis B. It is better to go for a blood test if you are experiencing any of these. There are most chances of passing on the disease to the child during pregnancy.

Urinary Tract Infection- A Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) is generally a bacterial infection developed in the urinary system. If not treated properly on time, the infection can also reach your kidneys. There is no major pregnancy risks involved here. But, your child might have a premature birth or may even be born underweight. If you are having a pain in your pelvis, or problem while urinating, consult your doctor as it is completely curable by medicines and proper care.

German measles (rubella)- German measles or rubella if developed during pregnancy can result in major health complications. In case you have developed flu like symptoms, pinkish red rash on any body part, infected eyes and so on then go for a medical consultation immediately. It has high pregnancy risks as it can even lead to miscarriage if developed in the first eleven weeks of pregnancy. The baby might also develop congenital rubella syndrome (CRS) in the first three months of pregnancy. Getting vaccination one month before trying to conceive is the best prevention to avoid an infection.

Any kind of infection developed during pregnancy should be treated at the earliest to avoid any kind of complications in pregnancy.

Story first published: Tuesday, June 26, 2012, 11:50 [IST]
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