Fourth Month Pregnancy: Week By Week

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Fourth Month Pregnancy: Week By Week
The fourth month of your pregnancy will be significantly different from the previous three months. This is because you are entering a new prenatal stage, the second trimester of pregnancy. Your symptoms and physical changes will have a different pattern and therefore this month of pregnancy needs week by week analysis. You can be prepared for all the pleasant and not so pleasant changes that will be occurring in your body during this month if you pay close attention to this break up.

Here is what happens week by week in your pregnancy in the 4th month.

Fourth Month Pregnancy: Week 13

  • Your baby starts looking more human now though the head is still disproportionately large compared to the small body.
  • This is the time when the toes and the fingers are distinctly formed and the webbing between them is gone. If get lucky you will see fingerprints in the ultra sounds scan pictures you get.
  • The morning sickness is gone and now you'll feel a ravenous appetite to eat food you have been craving for. Energy levels too will rise as the hormones settle down.

Week 14:

  • You will start to feel the stretch in your abdomen as your uterus has grown to fill it up. You may still not 'show' totally but must have put on some weight to support the baby.
  • Start looking for maternity clothing to ease your growing form.
  • This week your 14 weeks old feotus will develop some unique human features like a neck, ears on the sides of the head that is being lifted and a proper chin.
  • You may feel your body responding to the excess blood flowing in your veins in the form of bleeding gums and nose.

Week 15:

  • You can me moving around all you want in the fourth month of pregnancy because movement will help your baby get adjusted to strains and your chances of a vaginal delivery are more.
  • You have start leaning on your left side while sleeping because this posture helps you to redirect blood circulation to your womb.
  • You baby can now feel and respond to external stimuli. It shifts inside your womb although you may not feel it explicitly yet. It can suck its thumb, yawn and even give funny facial expressions! Watch your ultrasound closely.

Week 16:

  • The fourth month of pregnancy has its own challenges too. You will feel constipated as week by week your pregnancy advances. Pregnancy hormones affect your bowel moments.
  • As the uterus starts pushing against your bladder frequent urination will become a problem.
  • Varicose veins is a condition that starts from the second trimester of pregnancy itself. The veins of your legs become prominent and start bulging.
  • You need to wear special support stocking for this condition and also get totally flat special pregnancy shoes.

This is an overview of your fourth month of pregnancy so that you be prepared for it.

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Story first published: Tuesday, February 7, 2012, 12:26 [IST]
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