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Fighting Fatigue During Pregnancy

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Pregnancy Fatigue
Fatigue is a chronic problem during pregnancy. While the doctor tells you to take rest, you are also advised to be active. But alas, a sense of sheer tiredness during pregnancy can grip you sometimes. Pregnant women who do not work can still afford to find time for their fatigue but working women get the worst deal. They have to go to office in the state of terrible pregnancy fatigue.

Now there is a known established cause for this chronic tiredness that happens during pregnancy. The worst bout of fatigue will hit you during the first trimester. It will be away during the next three months only to return an advanced stage of pregnancy.

If you do not want to give into pregnancy fatigue then you can fight it by making these lifestyle changes.

Sleep early, rest more: Now that you are pregnant, you cannot except to maintain the same sleep schedule. You will have to give your body more rest. The easiest way to do that is by hitting the bed a couple of hours earlier than you usually do. Wake up at your stipulated time but retire to bed early.

Eat healthy and stay full: While it is true that you must not eat oily and fattening food during pregnancy, you must remember that you need 300 extra kcal every day. You must eat enough to cover that extra amount of energy you need or else tiredness during pregnancy will only worsen. Overeating during pregnancy also causes problems of lethargy and sloth, so be balanced.

Drink enough fluids: Bloating or water retention in the body is another common pregnancy problem. However, you cannot manage it by drinking less water or fluids. Cut down on salty things but drink enough fluids. When your body is hydrated you naturally feel more energetic.

Set the adrenaline pumping: Just because you are pregnant, doesn't mean that a mild adrenaline rush is bad for you. Do some light exercises in the morning so that your heart starts pumping and you feel the rush of energy. Just make sure that the exercises are authenticated by your doctor.

Priortise your social calendar: When you are pregnant, you will have to cut down on activities that tire you. When you are already feeling fatigue, you must try to minimise social commitments and outdoor work during pregnancy. For example, you cannot avoid a shopping trip for groceries, but a dinner party can surely be postponed.

Proper prenatal care can help you fight fatigue during pregnancy and overcome it.

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