Are You Expecting A Baby Boy?

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Expecting Baby Boy
Are you expecting a baby boy? If you are, then you will feel a very distinct set of symptoms. All would be parents are excited to know the gender of their baby. But gender determination of an unborn child is illegal in many countries as it is used for sex selective abortions. So, all you can do is take an educated guess. Pregnancy symptoms are actually the key to knowing the gender of the baby your are expecting. A male feotus has its own set of symptoms to give his parents a premonition.

Some excited couples who cannot wait for nine months to find out. Here are some tricks that can help you know if you are pregnant with a boy.

Signs To Know You Are Expecting A Baby Boy:

1. Nauseating Pregnancy: Many women say that when you are pregnant with a girl, the pregnancy is almost symptom-less. Girls are good kids even before they are born! But being pregnant with a naughty boy would mean many buckets of vomiting. Morning sickness is at its worst in the first trimester and you will have the worst of it.

2. Neat Baby Bump: Your baby bump is hardly visible when you are pregnant with a boy. It is a neat little pot belly you get. It is quite unlike the huge sack of a belly you get when you are expecting a baby girl. As the saying goes, you do not look pregnant at all from behind. Only the belly bulges sparing the hips and thighs.

3. No Baby Fat: When it is a male foetus you are carrying, you will not put on much body weight. The only weight will be that of the baby. You will not become all plump and rosy, like a would be mother of a little girl. Take Aishwarya Rai Bacchan, for example. She looks pregnant even after delivering her daughter. But Mallika Arora was back in shape within months of delivering her son.

4. Not A Blooming Pregnancy: While you might find it easy to get back in shape post pregnancy, your pregnancy will not add to your glamour. A lady expecting a girl child blooms like a morning rose. She glows with rosy cheeks and sense of serene beauty. But if you are going to be mom to a boy, you will struggle with a pale and dead look throughout your pregnancy.

5. Craving For Sour: Food craving are common during pregnancy. It is supposed to be the body's natural way to make up for deficient nutrients. May be the male feotus gets its fill of nutrients from sour tasting food. The part about craving sour is also a bit of a cliche.

These ways to know if you are expecting a baby boy are not absolutes. As far as the gender of your baby is concerned, all you can do is make a good guess.

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Story first published: Friday, March 30, 2012, 14:55 [IST]
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