Exercises During Third Month Of Pregnancy

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Exercises Third Month Pregnancy
There are lots of benefits of working out during pregnancy. Pregnancy exercises are different from regular ones. Here are best and easy to do pregnancy exercises for women in their third month.

Exercises during third month of pregnancy:

Walking: This exercise is beneficial to get rid of pregnancy health problems such as morning sickness and fatigue. Morning walks are refreshing and good for the expecting mother and the baby. Walking increases blood flow in the body, freshens up mood and keeps you fit. During pregnancy, many women get ankle or knee pain. It is best to start walking from the second or third month and continue throughout the pregnancy. Slow walking is bets for pregnant women.

Swimming: It is one of the best exercises for pregnant women. During the third month of pregnancy, you can start swimming and continue throughout gestation. Stretch up muscles to warm up a little before swimming. Also warm up after swimming to prevent muscle pain. Swimming increases blood circulation, tones muscles and improves endurance.

Cycling: It is believed that cycling is a risky exercise during pregnancy. If you know bicycling, it is a good exercise to stay fit but if you don't know then it is best to avoid this exercise. Stationary cycling is best exercise for pregnant women as you maintain balance and have minimal chances of falling down. Cycling is a good as it works on pelvic and thigh muscles.

Pilate: This is a nice exercise to start from third month of pregnancy. Many pregnant women prefer this exercise for their gestation as it increases flexibility. Pilates build strength in pregnant women and can also be done after the delivery to get back in shape post pregnancy.

These are few pregnancy exercises which can be started from the third month of gestation. However, if you get spot or have abdominal pain, stop working out. Always consult your doctor before commencing the workout regime for a healthy gestation.

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Story first published: Monday, February 6, 2012, 12:49 [IST]
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