7 Embarrassing Pregnancy Problems

Posted By: Sunayana
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Pregnancy is an incredible journey for both the parents, especially for a pregnant mother. Pregnancy brings joy, hope and boosts our emotions. During pregnancy a woman undergoes various changes starting from physical, physiological to physiological and these changes are entirely normal. We are all aware of common pregnancy symptoms like baby bump, feeling emotional, getting exhausted and morning sickness.

These are the common pregnancy symptoms but there are other embarrassing pregnancy problems that women face during pregnancy. Here are seven embarrassing pregnancy problems which are very normal and are faced by almost all pregnant women.


1. Excess gas
Getting gassy is one of the worst experiences of pregnancy. Turbulent hormonal changes slow down the digestive process of a pregnant woman. The gas will make you feel like farting and sometimes you have no control over it. This problem can't be eradicated but can be controlled with a proper diet and regular exercise.

Daily exercise helps in proper digestion of food and thus helps in reduction of accumulation of gas. Proper food habits are very crucial. Pregnant women should avoid food which creates gas such as carbonated drinks, beans, cauliflower, dried fruits and dairy products.

2. Involuntary urination
Incontinence or the inability to control urination is one of the most embarrassing pregnancy problems. Sudden coughing, sneezing or laughing loudly can accidentally let out a little urine from your bladders creating an embarrassing situation in public. The leaking can be restricted to just few drops of urine but still it is pretty humiliating.

So it is advisable to wear panty liners to absorb leaks and prevent stains.

Feeling Smelly?

Your sense of smell is aggravated during pregnancy. You can smell everything in a heightened way and there are some odours that you can't stand. There are women who hate their own body's scent and it is excessive mucus production during pregnancy. There are other set of women who develops a strong dislike towards certain foods such as poultry products and seafood.

It is important to let your doctor know as vaginal odours can be due to yeast infection and this can be safely cured with the help of anti-fungal medicines.

4. Hair growth

At the time of pregnancy the hair growth is quite absurd. Due to hormonal change the hair grows on unwanted places such as face, breasts, abdomen and back. Doctors say no to laser treatment as it can affect our skin and leads to scars during pregnancy. The best ways to remove unwanted hair is by waxing and tweezing.

5. Blemishes
Due to additional hormones in the third month, there are blackheads, pimples, skin inflammation and acne problems.
These acne problems can be cured with the help of medicated face washes. They are quite safe but has to be used as per your doctor's advice.

6. Hemorrhoids
A pregnant women is sure to suffer hemorrhoids; a swollen vein in the area around the anus. It occurs mostly due to constipation and is a common complaint at the time of pregnancy.
Hemorrhoids can be reduced with reduction in constipation. Proper fibre diet, staying well hydrated can decrease constipation. Taking of supplementary fibre and anti-inflammatory creams with doctor's prescription is important.

7. Relationship issues
At the time of pregnancy a women undergoes physical changes, weight gain and other visible changes which might make her feel unattractive and decrease her confidence level. So its advisable to have a proper communication and let know your partner what you feel. Getting intimate while you are pregnant is perfectly alright as long as you are comfortable.

So, these are a few unavoidable but embarrassing symptoms that occur during pregnancy. But you shouldn't worry as this is a phase of life and you will have the best time after delivery.

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Story first published: Thursday, October 25, 2012, 13:03 [IST]
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