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Deal With Anemia During Pregnancy

By Suparna Chakaraborthy

One of the common health problems during pregnancy is Anemia. Anemia is the condition of the body in which the red blood cell counts go down. The red blood cells which are responsible for carrying oxygen through out the body. Anemia during pregnancy is common because during pregnancy your body needs enhances production of red blood cells and plasma both for the baby and the mother. Most of the time due to faulty diet and lifestyle, Anemia becomes inevitable.

The most common type of Anemia is the Iron deficient pregnancy. During pregnancy, iron supplements from the mother is absorbed by the baby. If the body does not have enough store of iron then, this leads to the deficiency of the nutrient. Lack of red blood cells can harm the health of both the mother and child. Thus, all the Vitamin tablets taken during pregnancy has iron content to maintain the required level of the nutrient.

The common symptoms of Anemia during pregnancy is tiredness, fatigue, dizziness, pale skin,rapid heartbeat, breathing problem and mood swings. These are no different from other normal pregnancy symptoms. Thus, it is best to undergo a anemia checkup during the 14th weeks of pregnancy.

Diet for Anemia during pregnancy -

Proper diet during pregnancy is the only way to prevent and cure Anemia. Diet for anemia during pregnancy should include food which are rich in iron.

Poultry – red meat, chicken, sea food, shellfish

Vegetarian Diet – beans, tofu, dates, resins, potatoes, broccoli, green vegetables, lentils, whole grain bread and oat meal.

According to doctors, body absorbs iron from poultry diet much more faster than vegetarian diet.

For diet Anemia during pregnancy should also aim at helping the body absorb iron from the food. Deficiency Vitamin C does not allow iron to get absorbed in the blood.Thus, it's best to take Vitamin C supplements with Iron rich food to help iron get absorbed in blood. Tomato juice, strawberries, bell peppers, grapes are some good Vitamin C choices.

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Story first published: Thursday, April 7, 2011, 15:42 [IST]
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