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Foods To Avoid Post C Section

By Puruvi Sirohi Singh Tara

Caesarian section delivery is a major surgery after which it takes a long time for a women’s body to heal and recover all the lost nutrients. In this type of delivery due to sensitivity of the uterus and the stitches there are lots of dos and don'ts prescribed which should be followed in order to have a speedy recovery. But not many pages on-line concentrate on the dangerous foods post c-section, rather they talk about the diet plans and other tips.

Post c-section the lady is often kept on a liquid or IV diet till she passes gas. This is because during the surgery the bladder gets lot of air pumped into it which needs to be released before eating in order to avoid discomfort. Take the regular pain killers as advised by the doctors to help ease out on the pain, as it can be taxing due to severity of the surgery. Also avoid spicy food after delivery.

Postnatal Care After A Cesarean Delivery

Besides all this, it is important for the mother to know what she should not eat in order to save the trouble she or her baby might face after eating. Hence, here is a list of dangerous foods post c section that one must try to avoid:


1. Heavy And Spicy

Avoid spicy food after delivery that is a little heavy in nature such as chole, rajma, etc. as they can cause flatulence to the baby as well due to their sensitive stomach which will not be able to process such heavy food.


2. Spicy Muglai Food

Muglai food has rich gravies which can be hard to digest by both mother and baby due to their condition. Hence, avoid spicy food after delivery that is from an ethnic muglai restaurant.


3. Rolls And Burgers With Extra Hot Sauce

Rolls and burgers are another set of dangerous foods post c section as they have processed meats and various sauces that can disturb the stomach lining by causing heartburn for you and your baby.


4. Red Chilli Tadkas

All Indian food lovers cannot do without the red chilli tadkas in their food, but it is very much in the list of dangerous foods post c section. This is due to the fact that red chilli can cause heartburn and flatulence to both the mother and child who would consume it through breast milk.


5. Spicy Garlic Food

The salads and pizzas from the nearby joints are a part of avoid spicy food after delivery list as they are can irritate the stomach and may cause constipation leading to worsening of the prevalent condition.


6. Eggs

If you are wondering what foods needs to be avoided after c-section, then you need to think of this. Eggs are known to cause flatulence in the babies and the mother which can be painful after c section


7. Milk

Milk tends to irritate the stomach initially as cold milk is associated with gas and hot with heartburn. Hence, it is advisable to avoid milk in case it is not suiting you well.


8. Coffee And Tea

Caffeine containing foods might be dangerous foods post c section as some babies have sensitivity to such drinks and may cause flatulence.


9. Grains And Nuts

Some infants are reported to be allergic to whole grains and nuts, like wheat, corn, peanuts, or soy.


10. Wine

Alcoholic drinks should be avoided during breast feeding as it might be dangerous for the child. Such drinks should be avoided for a minimum of three months after delivery.


11. Fermented Foods

Fermented foods are known to cause flatulence in both mother and baby. This is one of the foods to avoid after delivery.


12. Raw And Cold Foods

Raw and cold foods are also dangerous foods post c section as they obstruct proper blood flow, like cabbage or watermelons.

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Story first published: Saturday, March 14, 2015, 5:31 [IST]
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