Long Term Side Effects Of A C-Section

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Its very rare to hear of a normal vaginal birth these days. Most women are having c-section deliveries. This is partly due to the rise in complications that women are facing during their pregnancy. It also partly because doctors these days push for c-section deliveries. C-section deliveries are also preferred by some expectant mothers who do not want to go through the terrible labour pain.

All said and done, you must be aware that c-section has many side effects. A normal vaginal birth is always better than a caesarean delivery. The side effects of a c-section delivery becomes apparent only in the long run.

C Section Delivery

Side Effects Of C-Section Delivery

Scar Tissue

First of all, you will be left with a nasty scar for the rest of your life. But the problem is not just cosmetic. You also have scar tissue forming at the place were your abdomen is cut. This scar tissue can cause problem later. What if you need to have other critical surgeries later on in life.

Absolute Bed Rest

You need to take 3 months of complete bed rest after having a c-section. For most working women, this becomes a problem. We get only 3 months of paid maternity leave from work after all.


Hernia is an extra growth that sprouts from deep cuts on your body. It is particularly common after c-section deliveries. If you do not take proper rest after childbirth, you might end up with hernia.

Later Pregnancies

It is false to say that once you have a c-section delivery, you cannot go for normal vaginal births. But if you take statistics, most second pregnancies after a c-section are not normal births. And if your second pregnancy is also a c-section then the doctor might advice you to not have any more children. Cutting the abdomen and opening it 2 times causes a lot of trauma.

Back Ache

Most often back pain happens due to epidural anesthesia. But it can also happen due to the stitches. Every time you laugh or cough, you are straining your stitches. That can also lead to back pain.

These are some of the long term side effects of a c-section delivery. However, in some cases, c-section deliveries are inevitable. Tell us what you experienced after a c-section delivery, if you had one.

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