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Is Your Vagina Loose After Childbirth?

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Many women are traumatised by the looseness of their vagina after childbirth. Actually, even weeks after you have delivered your child, your vagina will continue to be much looser than it used to be. However, this does not mean that you cannot tighten your vagina ever again. Actually, your vagina after childbirth can go back to as good as normal if some conditions are met.

There is a bit of luck involved in this issue. Some very basic factors determine the condition of your vagina after childbirth, and they are not always under your control. If you have had a vaginal delivery, then you need to keep the following conditions in mind.

Vagina After Childbirth

Your Vagina After Childbirth: Loose Or Tight?


Your age is a key factor in determining the tightness of your vagina. If you are in your twenties and early thirties, there is good chance that your vagina after childbirth will go back to normal. Age also loosens up your vaginal muscles. So if you are pregnant after 35, age will take its toll on your vaginal muscles.

Number Of Pregnancies

The number of babies you have delivered will also matter. Your vaginal muscles are elastic but when you stretch an elastic band for a long time, it slumps. So by the time you have your second or third childbirth, your vaginal muscles will show signs of muscular fatigue.

Size Of The Baby

The size of the baby you deliver will also matter to determine the elasticity of your vagina after childbirth. If the baby is very large, then it will loosen up your vagina a bit. A baby that is more than 3.5 kgs is considered large.

Kegel Exercises

Kegel contracting exercises are for the vaginal floor muscles. What you need to do is pull in your vaginal muscles, hold it for a few seconds and release it. If you do Kegel exercises regularly after your delivery, your vagina will tighten up sooner. If you ignore this, your vaginal muscles will take more time to get back to normal.

These are some factors that determine how your vagina will be after delivering a baby.

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Story first published: Friday, September 20, 2013, 7:01 [IST]
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