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Postpartum Sweating Is Common!

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Postpartum Sweating
Most of the women after delivery have sweating problem. Sweating is nothing serious in the postnatal stage. It is a common skin problem faced during the postpartum days. Sweating starts after delivery and continues for few weeks.

Generally women sweat more at night after the delivery thus getting up wet with perspiration. Postpartum sweating is mainly due to the pregnancy hormones which secrete extra body from the body. This water was stored by the body during pregnancy.

During the postnatal stage, sweating is not the only problem. The new mother also urinates more for the first 1-2 weeks after delivery. For few women, even after few weeks of delivery, perspiration still continues. This is due to the decrease in estrogen levels, hormonal and metabolic changes.

After delivery, in the postpartum stage, sweating can be followed up with fever. If the sweating increases, consult your doctor as it can be due to an overactive thyroid gland .

As you are sweating more during the postpartum stage, the water from the body is secreted therefore making you feel more dizzy and lazy. Don't reduce the intake of fluids. Drink lots of juice and water. Have nutritious food and avoid oily and spicy food. Wear lose-fitting cotton clothes to allow the skin to breathe.

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Story first published: Wednesday, February 22, 2012, 16:35 [IST]
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