Abdominal Belt After C-Section Is A Must

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Abdominal Belt C Section
You will notice many women shrug off the abdominal belt after a caesarean delivery. Their excuses are that it is uncomfortable and the belt also increases their blood pressure. Please do not make the same mistake if you have any hope of getting back into shape after a C section. It is vitally important that you wear the abdominal belt to support your ailing body and also make you lose tummy firmly.

If you are still looking pregnant after delivering your baby, then you can rely on the abdominal belt to get back in shape. Here is how it helps you.

Why Wear Abdominal Belt After C Section?

1. Supports Your Back: During pregnancy, the growing baby bump puts extra weight or pressure on your back. This weakens your back muscles considerably. The ache that begins in the last trimester of your pregnancy persists even after the delivery. Wearing the belt will give some much needed support to your back muscles and allow them to regain their prior strength.

2. Natural Tummy Tuck: Picture this; your abdomen is swollen to full capacity with the baby and then it is cut open for the caesarean delivery. It cannot lose all the baby fat immediately. In fact, you continue to look pregnant even after you recover the C section delivery. Women with vaginal delivery can tuck in their tummies without the abdominal belt. But those who have a C section delivery need some help and support through these abdominal belts.

3. Makes You Look Slimmer Already: The best thing is that the belt makes you look slimmer as soon as you wear it. This is because it pushes your stomach in and that gives some shape to your bulging body.

4. Eases Your Movements: Your body movements during the recovery from a C section delivery becomes sluggish and painful. Especially, sitting down and getting up is troublesome. The abdominal belt holds the lose flesh around the belly and thus makes your each movement easier.

5. Heals The Incision Quickly: As your abdomen is held firmly in place, your incision wounds heal quickly. Otherwise, if your stomach is flapping around, it gets difficult for the stitches to heal.

You should ideally wear the abdominal belt for 6 months after a caesarean delivery. Do share your personal experiences of how these belts helped you in recovering.

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Story first published: Friday, April 20, 2012, 17:46 [IST]
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