Is Raw Garlic Safe For Kids?

By Shabana

Kids are our life. Their crazy shenanigans are what keeps us on our toes. No matter how crazy their antics are, they will always remain the apple of our eye.

Kids nowadays are just next generation in everything they do. They move and learn in a fast pace, which sometimes becomes very difficult for us to cope with. But kids are kids after all and they will never stop growing up.

 Is Raw Garlic Safe For Kids?

Most of us mum's life pretty much revolves around our kids. Anything related to them are a priority to us. Running around them trying to feed healthy veggies or coaxing them to leave their gadgets alone and get out to play is a struggle all mothers are very much aware of. But what happens when these kids fall ill?

Illnesses and infections are getting more rampant from time to time. So much so that doctors have started prescribing antibiotics to even minor infections. This abuse of drugs will just make the germs more resilient to the medicines and they will only grow stronger.

Also, regular medications have side effects, which can be more troublesome for the younger lot. Thus, there is an urgent need to alternate medicine, one which is safe but effective too.

A lot of new-age mums have turned to Ayurveda to cure illnesses and infections for their little ones. Apart from being super effective, ayurvedic remedies do not have side effects too. But all good things come with a bad side. i.e, ayurvedic remedies are mostly practised at home without the supervision of an expert.

Also, some remedies which are effective on adults may not be safe for the kids. Therefore, it is important to research properly or ask experts in the field about various ayurvedic remedies which are safe for kids.

Ayurveda involves using natural ingredients to cure certain illnesses and diseases in humans. Simple ingredients which are mostly found in the Indian kitchen form a major part of the Ayurvedic remedies. One such ingredient is garlic.

Many properties of garlic such as it being antiseptic, antibacterial and anti-spasmodic, makes it a very effective and powerful ingredient in most of the ayurvedic remedies.

But it is important to know if it is indeed safe for kids too, as it is strong and powerful, which sometimes may not suit the delicate internal organs of developing kids.
Let us know about the health benefits of garlic for kids.


It Helps Cure Intestinal Problems In Kids

Garlic is wonderful in curing all kinds of intestinal problems and stomach ailments in kids. Kids have the tendency to eat just about anything, with junk food being their absolute favourite.

Therefore, they are bound to have digestive problems. Garlic is effective in killing the harmful worms in the stomach without affecting its functioning.


It Treats Cough And Cold

Children are very much prone to cough and cold during most of the year. Raw garlic possesses amazing qualities that will give an instant relief from running or stuffed nose.


3) It Is Effective For Eye Infections

Garlic is full of vitamin C and selenium, which are good in treating swollen and runny eyes. However, it needs to be used under precaution.


It Treats Ear Infections

Another common problem in kids, ear aches can be effectively cured by using garlic oil mixed with olive oil. It not only kills the problem-causing bacteria but also prevents further infections.


It Is Very Effective Against Asthma

Childhood asthma is on a steady rise and parents are hesitant to use clinical remedies for the fear of life-time dependence on them. Ayurvedic remedies are safe and effective and will help treat the root cause of the problem.

Garlic, when used in the right method and quantity can help cure almost all infections in kids. However, it has its set of side effects too.
Here are a few side effects of garlic.


Excess garlic causes bleeding

Raw garlic when given to children orally in high doses can cause severe bleeding in kids. It also reduces the formation of blood clot, which may have other serious complications.


It Can Irritate The Stomach

Garlic may be good for digestive problems, but excess of it may irritate the stomach lining and cause indigestion or diarrhoea too.


It Can Lead To Low Blood Pressure In Kids

For adults, consuming garlic may help regulate their blood pressure; but for kids, it may make their blood pressure dip to dangerously low levels.


Too Much Topical Application Of Garlic May Lead To Skin Irritation

Garlic oil is extremely antiseptic, which can treat small cuts and open wounds. However, when applied too much, it can lead to skin irritation, burns and blisters too.

How to correctly used garlic for paediatric purposes?
The bottom line is, raw garlic can do a whole lot of good if used appropriately. It is always better to take the advice of an alternate medicine practitioner before giving garlic to your kid.

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    Story first published: Tuesday, January 23, 2018, 17:53 [IST]
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