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Why Kids Shouldn't Be Given Coffee

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Milk is a healthier option for kids compared to coffee. Yes, coffee is bad for kids. In fact, even adults may need to limit their caffeine intake.

The problem is caffeine. In fact, kids do get their caffeine intake from other foods like cakes and soft drinks. Caffeine exists in so many other foods and if you don't curb its intake, your kid may have to suffer the side effects of caffeine.

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Caffeine is a stimulant and is almost a drug. Though it makes your kid feel energetic for a moment, after a while, it again makes him dull and this causes the craving for another cup of coffee.

And then, when it comes to the side effects, it causes jitters, an upset stomach, slight headache, disturbed sleep, rapid heart rate and high BP too. Now, let us discuss more.


Fact #1

Kids who drink soft drinks that contain caffeine are said to have 60% higher risk of childhood obesity according to a survey. Of course, the sugar is the culprit here.


Fact #2

Caffeine could also worsen nervous disorders and even heart issues. But kids are unaware of such facts and may get addicted to caffeine.


Fact #3

When you restrict caffeine intake, your kid may experience withdrawal symptoms as it is an addictive substance. That is why it is better to keep caffeine away from kids.


Fact #4

Caffeine could cause dehydration as it forces your body to eliminate water; it is a diuretic. So, your kids may feel thirsty more.


Fact #5

Both soft drinks that contain caffeine and beverages like coffee are bad for your teeth. They could lead to erosion of protective layers on teeth and cause other dental problems.


Fact #6

As caffeinated drinks contain empty calories, your kid may get deprived of other nutrients.

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Story first published: Tuesday, June 28, 2016, 12:03 [IST]
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