Does Fear Cause Postpartum Depression?

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A new study claims that too much of fear and anxiety about childbirth could actually cause postpartum depression in women.

Does Fear Cause Postpartum Depression?

A bit of fear is common in many pregnant mothers but excessive fear is the culprit behind the depression that is experienced in some mothers after childbirth.

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Many surveys indicate that today's mothers are experiencing more of fear compared to the women of previous generations and there could be many reasons behind those fears.

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Health experts conducted the study on many pregnant women and followed up till childbirth to know about the roots of such fears and the depression caused after delivery.

Also, mothers who undergo fears tend to choose various methods like C section and so on in an attempt to avoid the pain of delivery that scares them. Postpartum depression is seen in such cases where the fear levels are higher than normal.

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Also, one common fear among some women seems to be negligence by the health care provider and/ or improper medical facilities during times of emergencies.

Does Fear Cause Postpartum Depression5

Whatever the fears could be, when they cross a particular level, they may cause other complications like postpartum depression in mothers.

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