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Why A Meal With Your Kid Is Healthy

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A recent survey claims that children who have their meals along with parents tend to be fitter than kids who eat alone. Researchers were surprised when they compared two groups of kids.

Why A Meal With Your Kid Is Healthy1

Nearly 200 families were involved in the study. One group had their meals along with the whole family while the kids in the other group had their meals alone.

Why A Meal With Your Kid Is Healthy2

After a period of few months, the kids who ate alone either overate or ate too less. This could be due to lack of parental supervision.

Why A Meal With Your Kid Is Healthy3

Also, researchers say that there could be a link between parent-kid attachment and overall health of the kid. The emotional attachment gets enhanced when families eat together and this shows up on the overall health and habits of an average kid.

Why A Meal With Your Kid Is Healthy4

Also, parents get to spend quality time with kids when they eat together. Parents get a chance to talk and interact with kids when they have dinner together.

Why A Meal With Your Kid Is Healthy5

When parents get more time to talk with kids they'll get a chance to explain a lot about healthy living habits and eating habits and this could also be a reason behind kids being healthy when they have the habit of eating with the whole family.

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Story first published: Thursday, April 21, 2016, 5:26 [IST]
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