What To Do When Your Kids Fail?

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All parents want their kids to perform well in academics. It is natural to desire growth and success for your kid. But what if your over-ambitious nature turns into a curse?

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Yes, kids may do well some times and may fail at times. There could be many reasons for academical failure and its okay to fail.

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Failure is a part of life and that is what you may need to tell your kids instead of punishing them. Now, here are some more reasons why you may need to digest your kid's failure and help your kid improve.

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Failure Is A Steeping Stone For Success
If your kid fails in the academics, find ways to make him or her get through the exams next time. That is the only solution.

What To Do When Your Kids Fail2

Only Encouragement Motivates Kids
Pointing out the failures could only make your kid feel unworthy and depressed. On the contrary, encouragement could motivate your kid to achieve more. If you want your kid to progress well, choose a positive approach.

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Punishments Cause Fear
Many studies claim that punishments breed fear in the kids. Fear may prove counter productive as your kid may hate academics in the future.

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Bitterness And Resentment May Cause Hatred
What if your kid grows up to hate you? Well, repeated insults and punishments could break the bonds between the parent and the child.

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Self Esteem Issues
When you link the identity of your kid with academic performance, he or she may soon suffer low self-esteem issues especially when academic performance issues arise. So, raise a healthy kid by treating him well irrespective of academic performance.

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Story first published: Wednesday, November 9, 2016, 12:37 [IST]
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