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What Is Slow Parenting?

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Slow parenting is nothing but a style of parenting which allows the kids to explore and know about the world slowly and gradually without rushing. Letting kids do things at their own pace is the mantra here.

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This system evolved mainly to counter the modern style of parenting where children are forced to go to school and attend class after class after coming home from school.

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Slow parenting encourages children to play more, use toys and explore nature and beaches. This method focuses more on making the kids happy in their own space without worrying much about the rat race.

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Most of the modern schools and parenting styles are robbing the play time from kids' lives and this is where slow parenting seems better. It allows the kids to play more and be happy in their pursuits.

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Also, children are not encouraged to binge watch television in the slow parenting style. Today, there are so many parenting styles around. Well, instead of sticking to a single style parents can always pick the plus points of each style and incorporate them in their own.

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One good thing about slow parenting is that it may help the kids to appreciate the small things of life and this may help them beat stress and stay grounded when they grow up.

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Story first published: Thursday, March 17, 2016, 11:29 [IST]
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