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What Babies Say Before They Talk

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A new study claims that toddlers learn a lot about responding to their environment and communicating with others much before they learn any language to speak.

What Babies Say Before They Talk- baby Speaking

In fact, babies respond faster before they learn to speak. After they start speaking, they become a bit slower in their responses as they need time to construct the sentence in their minds before they speak.

What Babies Say Before They Talk- Kid

Scientists say that the reason behind this lapse is due to the gap that forms between listening and speaking. A baby might first need to listen and then carefully create a word in their minds before responding.

What Babies Say Before They Talk- Girl

Many caretakers claim that toddlers who don't even know how to speak tend to respond as quick as adults when they are asked to do something. Gradually, as babies learn language and communication, their reactions slow down a bit. This may be because they learn a lot about the intricacies of language and they also start thinking how to express and communicate well.

What Babies Say Before They Talk- Child

Do you know what babies say before they talk? When toddlers speak gibberish when you ask something, it clearly means that they are answering your question but in their own language. They attempt to make some sounds to tell you what they would like to communicate.

What Babies Say Before They Talk- Fighting Parents

In fact, this research has something else for parents. It emphasizes the importance of maintaining a clean and healthy atmosphere at home as babies grasp and observe everything.

They absorb so much from their surroundings even when they don't know language. So, speaking in bad language or fighting in front of a toddler may impact the child's behaviour later.

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