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Best Tips To Educate Your Child About Sexual Abuse

Whether we like to admit it or not, the world is crueler than we think. Even innocent children are not safe anymore, so it is very important to make your child aware about sexual abuse and teach him/her a few safety tips.

Every day, when we watch or read the news, we come across at least one incident in which a young child has been a victim of sexual abuse.

It is quite gut-wrenching to witness such terrible news, but that is the harsh reality of the world.

Numerous young girls and boys, across the globe, have become victims to sexual abuse and it never stops, as long as the attitude of certain people doesn't change.

Even if the parents and schools do everything they can to protect the children, if their guard is let down for a while, horrendous things can happen to the kids, which can wreck them emotionally!

So, if you want to keep your child safe, you need to educate him/her about sexual abuse in a way he/she can understand.

Here are a few tips to help your kid understand and stay safe from sexual abuse, have a look.

Tip #1

Firstly, depending on the age of your kid, you need to give them a brief introduction to basic sex eduction, only then they can fully understand the meaning of abuse.

Tip #2

It is also important to establish a friendly and approachable bond with your child, so that he/she does not feel scared to talk to you, in case he/she experiences some kind of an abuse.

Tip #3

Another tip to educate kids about sex abuse involves being open with them about issues related to abuse and make them understand that it can never be their fault, so that they will not be afraid to inform you.

Tip #4

Ensure that you teach your kids certain safety tips like never taking or accepting things from strangers, never leaving with a stranger, even if they claim that parents have sent them to pick them up from school, etc.

Tip #5

Another tip to prevent child sex abuse is to teach your child that some body parts are private and let them know about boundaries, so that in case someone touches that particular body part, the child can understand that it is wrong!

Tip #6

Another tip to educate your child about sex abuse involves encouraging him/her to share secrets with you, as many sexual offenders have a practice of telling the kids to keep the abuse as a matter of top secret and not let it out to anyone, in which case the child might do accordingly.

Tip #7

Let your child know that it is okay to say a "No", in any situation in which he/she feels uncomfortable or scared, especially if it involves a stranger.

Story first published: Friday, October 7, 2016, 16:18 [IST]
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