Signs Of Concussions In Kids

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A concussion may be defined as a kind of brain trauma that results from a blow to the head. This ends up causing a lot of problems in kids. Hence, if you have a child, you must be aware of the signs and symptoms of concussions so that you are able to spot them if your child happens to suffer from them any time.

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Concussions end up causing long and short term health problems in kids. Concussions can happen anytime in kids, while playing, while falling off the stairs, while fighting with friends, a strong hit to the body in some way, etc. A concussion is a kind of traumatic brain injury that is caused by a hit to the brain causing a disruption in its regular function.

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As more studies are indicating that the number of children suffering from concussions is on the rise, it has become essential that parents know the signals of concussions as well as the ways that they can happen.

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While rare, the results of an untreated concussion can remain with a young child for several years. The risk for long term issues increases if your young kid has a second concussion. It is also important to determine whether a young kid has suffered a concussion so that a second concussion may be prevented.

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Concussions cause vomiting in certain kids. If you notice that your kid is vomiting continuously, and this is not because of the food that he ate, then ask him if he has suffered any kind of head injury. If so, then the vomiting is a result of a concussion. Rush your kid to the doctor immediately.

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If your child faints after suffering a blow to the head, it is because of a concussion. If your child complains of continuous headaches, after a blow to the head, it is because of a concussion.

Following a head injury, if your child complains of dizziness and if you see that there are behavioural changes, changes in sleep patterns and difficulty in following instructions by your kid, these are signs of concussions.

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