Things That Make You A Bad Parent

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Being a parent is a blessing and with it comes a lot of responsibilities. However, some parents over exaggerate their role as a parent and go way too overboard with it. They take the name 'parent' way too seriously and forget the main essence behind it.

The simple rule is that you have to maintain a balance between you being a parent and as a friend to your child. You have to make sure to teach your child all the aspects of life, but in a good way, and a way in which your child will understand it better. However, this teaching part must be a combination of love and care and not that of ignorance.

You must also not take your children for granted, assuming that they won't understand the things going around. Your children can be more mature than you are.

They may have an innocent mind and heart, but they do understand the situations happening around them too.

They will also not understand your intentions, but your actions only. If you scold them for playing with mud, they may not realise the intention, but will consider you as bad.

You should rather let your child play in mud and, while playing, make him or her understand why he/she should not play in mud.

You should know how to handle your little one with care. Unfortunately, most parents have a toxic relationship with their children, and their children are afraid of them.

They get scared of their own parents and avoid from bonding well with their parents. Here are signs of a bad or toxic parent that you must be aware of.


Getting Disappointed

There are parents who don't consider their child's efforts and overlook the child's hard work. Whatever the results may be, you have to encourage your child, so that he or she feels appreciated, and eventually puts in more effort.


Restricting Them

You must have seen many parents who don't allow their children to play with other children, don't allow them to taste the food they like, etc. Let your child discover the beauty of everything, so that he/she can differentiate between good and bad things. Remember that nature is a best teacher.


Don't Ask Their Opinion

Indulge your children in daily chores and ask them their opinion on various things that happen in the house. Some parents think that it is a joke to ask the opinion of their children, as they are too young to decide. But, asking their opinion will make them feel that they are really important and will also build a sense of responsibility in them.


Not Being Friends With Them

Being a parent does not mean that you have to be strict all the time with your kids. Talk to your kids like how you speak to your childhood friends. This will help your child to build confidence in you. You can even discuss your problems with them and, surprisingly, you will get a better solution for your problem.


Always Scolding

When you have brought your child into this world, let him live his life. Some parents keep on scolding their children, thinking that if they won't then they will tend to follow a wrong path. But the opposite is true. Never scold your child frequently then the boundaries of respect will get vanished.


Criticising Your Children

Many parents make fun of their own children thinking that they won't understand the joke. It is a pity to see parents stoop down to this level and make the kid feel embarrassed. This will have a negative impact on your child's brain and he/she will feel scared to share his/her thoughts when he/she grows up.


Fighting In Front Of The Children

This is the most common sign of a toxic parent. Fighting in front of your kids does not make sense. Your kid has a delicate mind and even if you are a happy couple, your kid will get an impression that his/her parents are violent and then violence will become a part of his/her life when he/she grows up.

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Story first published: Wednesday, January 13, 2016, 16:35 [IST]
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