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7 Fun Things To Do With Your Kids This Monsoon!

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The much awaited monsoon season is finally here, bringing us relief from the harsh summer heat.

The soft pitter-patter of the rain outside, the craving for hot chocolate and some hot samosas, the urge to dance around in the rain after a long day at work - surely brings out the kid in us, right?

Well, if we adults feel that way about the rainy season imagine how much more excited our kids would be.

If there is one season that makes children smile wide with glee, it is the monsoon season.

The prospect of going out to play with their friends in the rain, splashing around in the puddles of water, making paper boats and watch them float away in the rain water, etc, can bring an immense joy to the children.

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Many a times, parents would be worried about their children's health during the monsoons, as playing out in the rain too often can make them fall prey to various diseases.

However, stopping your kids from having any fun during the monsoon can be quite harsh and may disappoint them to no end.

So, along with taking certain health-related precautions, you can also join your kids to spend some quality time with them during the monsoon.

Here is a list of fun things you can do with your kids this monsoon, have a look.


1. Rain Games

You can join your kids for a game of hop-scotch, football or anything they fancy out in the rain, just for a while, to experience the real feel of monsoon.


2. Umbrella Art

Bring out your black umbrellas and ask your kid to draw and paint on them, creating their own customised umbrella. It will definitely put a smile on their faces, when you take that umbrella out the next time.


3. Kitchen Time

When it is raining heavily and your kids cannot go out to play, use this time to involve them in kitchen activities. You can give them simple tasks and also teach them the basics while you are at it.


4. Craft Time

You can teach your kids how to make paper boats and other such easy craft-related items to help them spend their time indoors, while it is raining.


5. Rain Gauge

You can help your kids make a homemade rain gauge with a water bottle to measure the amount of rainfall each day. Mark an empty plastic bottle with a centimeter scale, put it out in the rain and check the level of rain collected in it at the end of each day.


6. Take A Long Drive

Surely, kids will enjoy looking out at the rainy weather from the car windows while you take them out for a long drive.


7. Swing Time

You can bring in a swing and keep it outside your home in the garden area or on the porch, so that your child can experience the fun of playing on the swing in the rain!

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