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7 Expert Tips On Raising A Very Sensitive Child

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Do you feel that your child cries or creates tantrums quite often, even for insignificant reasons?

Do you often think twice before confronting your kid with anything, as you fear that his/her feelings might be hurt easily?

If yes, chances are that your child is "over-sensitive". In other words, it means that your child's emotional responses to certain situations may be stronger than that of the other kids of that age.

For example, your friend's child may forget about the time his father yelled at him, in just a day or two, whereas your child may remember it for months together!

Now, most of us know that every individual comes with different personalities.

Similarly, every child is different and, as parents, we need to understand the personality of our kids and we must also realise that it is the way they are and it cannot be changed forcefully.

Over-sensitive kids are not like the other children who don't take things to heart. Normally, kids who are extremely sensitive have a hard time in coping with their emotions.

So, it takes a special set of parenting skills to deal with over-sensitive kids. Have a look at some of these tips, which can help you out, here.


Tip #1

Be accepting of your sensitive child's feelings and emotions. They go through a lot of emotions and, as parents, if you make fun of them or stop them from expressing themselves, it can make them withdrawn.


Tip #2

Many sensitive kids tend to be introverts and may not have a lot of friends at school. Your duty, as a parent, is to try and be there for them just like a friend, so that they do not suffer from loneliness.


Tip #3

Learn to gain your sensitive child's trust. Sensitive children often find it hard to trust people, so if you gain your kid's trust, you will have a better relationship with him/her.


Tip #4

Give your child small responsibilities like helping out with the daily chores around the house and so on. This will help you bond better and also help your child develop confidence, as low self-esteem can be an adverse effect of being sensitive.


Tip #5

Do not try to change your child's personality or do not try to tell your kid to not be so sensitive all the time. You must realise that it is part of his/her personality.


Tip #6

Observe and learn what kind of actions/words that you practice hurts your child's feelings and avoid doing/uttering these. If you keep up with those practices, your child may start to resent you.


Tip #7

You can be firm, but not mean or hurtful while trying to discipline your child, as your over-sensitive kid may react negatively to harsh words.

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Story first published: Wednesday, June 29, 2016, 15:00 [IST]
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