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Reasons To Raise An Independent Child

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The most important objective of parenting is raising an independent child. Your children need to be self sufficient and self reliant. Only when your children are self sufficient, you will be able to rest assured about their future.

Reasons To Raise An Independent Child

Dependent children may cause many issues and they are a lot of work to the parents. Of course, even independent children tend to give you many problems but over a period of time, they will learn to live on their own without giving you trouble.

Reasons To Raise An Independent Child2

Also, dependent children may cultivate the habit of depending on others around them for all matters. Some parents love their children's dependence as it makes them feel loved by their children. But relationship experts say that it could spoil the children later.

Reasons To Raise An Independent Child3

Parents need to encourage their children to be confident social and ambitious without the help of anyone. Let us discuss the reasons...

Reasons To Raise An Independent Child
Dependent children may always look for motivation from outside sources whereas independent kids turn into go-getters. Dependent children never take ownership. They may even depend on outside sources for happiness. Independent children take ownership and responsibility.

Reasons To Raise An Independent Child4

Dependant children will never be able to take decisions on their own. Independent children may may commit certain mistakes but sooner or later, they learn to be good decision makers and leaders.

Reasons To Raise An Independent Child5

Dependent children may lack confidence levels. They suspect their capabilities unless someone encourages them to raise up to the occasion. Independent children may need nobody around them to take care of their lives.

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Story first published: Monday, January 25, 2016, 20:01 [IST]
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