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Is Childhood Obesity Linked With Hormones?

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Researchers claim that weight gain could occur in adolescents when certain hormone levels dip. The name of the hormone is said to me spexin and when its levels are low, teenagers are said to be at the risk of gaining unwanted weight.

Is Childhood Obesity Due To Hormones?

Though this hormone is said to be linked with weight management, it also has a role in managing blood pressure and salt content in the body.

Is Childhood Obesity Due To Hormones2

In fact, even in some adults, lower levels of spexin could trigger obesity. And in teenagers, this hormone is linked with weight gains.

Is Childhood Obesity Due To Hormones3

As a part of the study, researchers examined more than 50 obese teenagers and around 20 slim teenagers and collected their blood samples to come to this conclusion.

Is Childhood Obesity Due To Hormones4

When the blood samples were examined, the levels of spexin were also measured. And the study finally claimed that lower levels of this hormone could increase the odds of obesity.

Is Childhood Obesity Due To Hormones5

The levels of spexin were significantly different in obese teenagers and others of normal weight. In fact, researchers need to do more in-depth studies to finalise what causes higher levels of spexin and how it is connected to childhood obesity and how to manage healthy levels of this hormone.

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Story first published: Saturday, May 28, 2016, 13:25 [IST]
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