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How Maternal Depression Affects The Kid

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A new study says that mothers who suffer depression may not be able to have a healthy relationship with their kids and this may cause conflicts.

How Paternal Depression Affects The Kid

When a mother is sad while interacting with the kid, the relationship between them may not be totally in sync and this is a major effect of depression in mothers.

How Paternal Depression Affects The Kid4

In any human interaction, when you feel in sync, you tend to feel happier and connected to the other person. But depression in the mother could affect the connection. As a apart of this study, researchers measured the heart rate of both mothers and kids during their interactions. There are two separate groups out of which a group consisted of mothers who suffered depression.

How Paternal Depression Affects The Kid5

Researchers made both the groups talk about a few positive topics and a few negative ones as part of the conversation. The negative topics included conflicts that occurred recently.

How Paternal Depression Affects The Kid3

Mothers who never suffered depression displayed better bonding with their children during the conversations. When it comes to the mothers who suffered depression, the engagement levels in the conversation were missing and this developed a negative feeling in both the mother and the kid during the conversation.

How Paternal Depression Affects The Kid2

The effects of depression reflected on a physiological level too. Health experts are concerned that paternal depression could affect the next generation in some or the other way.

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