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How Coffee Affects A Child's Health

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Coffee can hamper the health of your children. Thus, it should not be introduced to them for it has many adverse effects on the body. Drinking coffee at an early age can hamper the central nervous system in your children.

Children may suffer from insomnia and reduced concentration level if given coffee or any other caffeinated drink at a very small age.

Drinking coffee at an early age can also make children obese. Obesity in turn triggers several health conditions such as high blood pressure or heart rate.

Caffeinated beverages do not contain any vital nutrients and minerals that support the growth and development of the children.

Drinking high amount of coffee can also lead to cavities in the teeth. The high sugar content in it affects the oral health of a child. These are some of the side effects of coffee consumption in a child when coffee is started at an early age.

However, in this article, we at Boldsky will be listing out some of the ways in which coffee affects your child's health. Read on to know more about it.

How Coffee Affects A Child's Health

Insomnia: Coffee is a stimulant that helps to keep the body active and energetic. However, children who are addicted to coffee face a difficulty in sleeping. They suffer from sleeping disorders very early in their life. This is one of the side effects of giving coffee to your little ones.

How Coffee Affects A Child's Health

Cavities: Children who consume coffee are more prone to cavities. Coffee's acidic nature damages the enamel of the teeth and increases the risk of a tooth decay in children.

Bone Loss: Since coffee is diuretic in nature, it increases the urge to excrete or urinate often. Excess urination can lead to dehydration and can result in calcium excretion from the body as well. This in turn leads to bone loss.

Decreases Appetite: Decreased appetite is another side effect of introducing coffee among children. They should be given food that is rich in vitamins and minerals instead. Coffee consumption reduces their appetite.

How Coffee Affects A Child's Health

Difficulty In Concentrating: Children who consume more of coffee may face difficulty in concentrating at several other daily activities in life. Since coffee is a stimulant, they may suffer from conditions such as restlessness, irritability, hypertension and hyperactivity.

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