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3 Ways For Working Fathers To Re-Engage At Home

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"I think togetherness is a very important ingredient to family life" - Barbara Bush

The fact of the matter is that, working fathers who have tough schedules often find it hard to mingle with their own families. Office stress often gets carried on to the living room as well, which makes things a lot tougher to deal with.

A stressed-out you is the primary effect of a high-pressure job. Unhappy wives and children are the common side effects of giving your best at work and being too exhausted at home.

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An unpleasant environment at home can also lead to dads working extra hours in the office. This vicious cycle is hard to break and beat.

Most dads who see the problem and want to fix it try to do too much and too fast. This causes them to shine bright like a star, but burn out quickly as well.

activities for family

You might be wondering, lost in thought, what can a working father do in this situation. Don't fret and worry as yet!

The fact that you are looking for pointers is an excellent first step, as trying is the first step to winning.

The following paragraphs will attempt at helping you re-engage at home using effective bonding techniques, do have a look.

activities for family

Help Out Around The House: House work is unpleasant, but women do it all the time to keep their husbands happy. Take the effort to show your wife that you want to chip in. Spend 30-45 minutes every day to do the dishes, fold the laundry, take out the trash or walk the dog.

This is an excellent way to show your partner that you are working towards making her happy. Chances are that your partner might use statements like "too little too late." She might also tell you that these efforts won't last for too long.

Remember not to get annoyed, stay calm and let your continued actions speak for themselves. If you want to go that extra mile, then ask her if there is any specific task that you can help her with. If she says she doesn't need help, then that would mean, she most definitely needs it!

activities for family

Make Your Family The Most Important Part Of Your Life: You might be tempted to hang out with your friends on weekends and blow off some steam. Don't, as this is a slippery slope. Hanging out once in a blue moon can become hanging out every weekend.

Moreover, friends talk, chances are that 1 beer might lead to 3. One comment might lead to a rant about your family life. Just until you get a hang of things, continue spending every weekend with your family and family alone.

activities for family

Don't Just Talk, Play As Well!: Talking is a great way to bond; however, it is an excellent way to start an argument as well. Spend time in talking to your partner and children, but engage in other bonding activities as well.

Going to the park, museum or simply playing board games at home are excellent ways to spend quality time with your family. Set a schedule for the number and type of activities to be completed every weekend. Take suggestions from every member in the family.

activities for family

Ensure that each member gets his/her turn to select an activity and help others get on-board with the idea. Most importantly, ensure that you manage to continue this schedule and don't slip back into your old routine of All Work And No Play!

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