5 Values Parents Should Teach Their 5-Year Olds

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At the age of five, a child learns to develop feelings of his/her own. At this age, they are able to understand right from wrong; and if given a chance, a five-year-old child can even make his or her own decision.

When a child comes to this ripe age, he/she is mentally prepared to learn some of the biggest values from you, being the parent. Honesty, justice and love are the most important characteristics from the rest.

When your children learn about these three values, they become more ready to face the world on their very own two little feet.

Giving them examples of how these values should be inculcated in their life is one of the perfect ways to make them understand how to use these values in life.

Determination and consideration are the other two values that every parent must teach their child at the tender age of 5.

It is at this stage in their life, where they will start to believe in themselves; and therefore, by being determined, they will be able to face the world with a smile and a strong will power as well.

If you have brought up a child who is fearless and courageous, then installing these values in him/her would be a piece of cake for you. So, sit down with your little one today and teach him/her these 5 values, for they are very important 5 golden rules in life:

values parents should teach

Honesty: Lie is something every child loves to tell at some point in his/her life. However, if you teach your children how to tell the truth and be honest, right through their life, they will learn to live and stand by the truth.

values parents should teach

Justice: You have to teach your child how to make amends! We are living in a world where justice lacks miserably; and teaching the new generation how to seek and live by justice is the right thing to teach your 5 year old.

values parents should teach

Determination: The greatest value parents should teach their 5 year old is determination. By encouraging them to take on a challenge, you are allowing them a certain amount of freedom and enabling your little one to stand on his/her own two feet with a head held high. So, encourage your child and see the difference in him/her.

values parents should teach

Consideration: When you teach your child to learn and understand other's feelings, he/she will be more compassionate in life. You should make your little one understand that just like him/her other's too have feelings and they might get hurt too by the things he/she would say or do.

values parents should teach

Love: 'I love you' are the three beautiful words that all the children love to hear from their parents and it goes vice versa too. According to parents, they always think that children are born as loving and caring beings; but in reality, it is the duty of the parents to teach their child how to love and care. It is the most important value to teach a child when he/she reaches a certain age.

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Story first published: Wednesday, February 17, 2016, 7:00 [IST]
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