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Expert Tips For Parents With An Extremely Shy Kid!

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Does your child often refuse to talk to new people or has difficulty making friends at school?

Are you worried that your child's shy, withdrawn nature could hinder his/her progress in school and life, in general?

Well, if you do feel that way, then you must realise that "shyness" is not a negative quality, it is just a part of your child's personality and you must learn to accept and love your kid for who he/she is!

However, it is also true that if a child grows up to be extremely shy and is unable to interact or mingle with people, it could hamper the child's life to a certain degree.

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For instance, if your son is very quiet and withdrawn at his school, it may be difficult for him to make friends, which in turn may make him feel left out and lonely.

As shy kids grow up, if they still do not learn how to get out of their shells, then it may be hard for them to cope with being social in a college or job scenario.

So, while it is important to understand that shyness is a personality trait, you can also help your child come out of his/her shell and be more social when needed.

Here are a few tips on how to deal with a shy child. Take a look!


Tip #1

'Taking it slow' is the key when it comes to a shy kid. Try to understand their state of mind and give them some time to get used to new people and things.


Tip #2

Help your child build his/her confidence by appreciating his/her good work and also by letting your child feel that they are lovable. Many a times, low confidence can also make a child shy.


Tip #3

Teach them how to deal with their peers and give them a few simple suggestions on how to approach new people and make friends.


Tip #4

Do not pressurise your kid to come out of the shell and be more outgoing instantly. If you force your kid too much, your kid may become more withdrawn!


Tip #5

Do not ask them to do things they are not comfortable with. For instance, do not force your shy kid to sing/dance in front of a whole group of people, if your kid is not comfortable. This may make them feel depressed and anxious!


Tip #6

You can arrange play groups or study groups at your home, by inviting a few other kids over. Your child may feel more comfortable mingling with people at your home!


Tip #7

Empathise with your child's shyness. Tell your kid that it is okay to feel shy sometimes and it happens to adults too and that it is not a mistake.

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