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Effects Of Childhood Poverty

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A new study says that childhood poverty could have health effects on a person later in life. Yes, this study claims that it could even lead to heart issues and diseases like cancer. This is true especially if a child undergoes poor living conditions and faces abuse during childhood.

Effects Of Childhood Poverty1

Researchers confirm that abusive parents or poverty might impact a child's behaviour and cause certain diseases too. This proves that childhood is a very important phase which lays a physical and mental foundation in everyone.

Effects Of Childhood Poverty2

Childhood conditions may have long term consequences which is why health experts suggest having children when many other conditions like finances are favourable.

Effects Of Childhood Poverty3

It is not just about finances but also the mindset of the parents and the quality of their relationship which play an important role when raising children.

Effects Of Childhood Poverty4

After examining the health records of nearly 2000 people and analysing their childhood conditions researchers have come to this conclusion.
The family backgrounds of the participants was also studied in order get an insight into the conditions they were in during their childhood.

Effects Of Childhood Poverty6

The risk is higher when both the parents are abusive and aggressive. In fact, domestic harmony and enough resources are the main aspects of parenting as it takes lots of care, efforts, patience and resources to raise children.

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Story first published: Thursday, March 3, 2016, 5:00 [IST]
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